Working with Excel document

Working with Excel document


Working with Excel document

Working with an Excel document means that when you create a new document in an Excel environment, there are a number of important rules and features that allow you to properly and properly operate operations and processes in this environment. You should easily learn how to perform your operations in this environment and in the document by reading this section and being aware of the information that is introduced below.

In fact, for a user who has created a new document in Excel and can put another file in this environment, or how to save it along with other data and other features to To be able to use them, you must have proper knowledge of this site and its environment so that you can properly learn how to work with the Excel environment.

In the materials that we have prepared for you in this section, we have tried to teach you the appropriate and correct items by introducing some important items that you need in the Excel work environment.In this way, you can easily use them in the best possible way in your processes and become one of the professional users of using the Excel environment, so that you can benefit from these trainings and its various cases. Join us to introduce them to you correctly and appropriately.

Learn how to work with an Excel document in an Excel environment

In this section, by introducing some important methods in the Excel work environment, we have tried to acquaint you with these few cases and the negative features that exist in them, and then by learning in these parts, you can easily work in your Excel environment. And use these items with complete mastery.

The first part is to create a new workbook or create a workbook

Working with Excel document – Before we get into how to create a new work document in Excel, it should be noted that in Excel, the term workbook is used as the title of the work document and as the existence of Bringing a new work document is famous.

However, in some cases, it may be mentioned under a different name, which is the same as the folder job, and when this title was used, it means the same workbook as the workbook, and also note that each job document has several There are sheets, which are also called sub-tabs, and if the sub-tab title is used, it means the same sheet.

Now, in order to be able to create a new working document, first run Excel software, and by referring to its program on the page that is displayed for you, it should be said that you can see a wide page Note that in this spreadsheet there is a work document that the work document itself consists of three pages.There are generally two ways to do this when you close a document in an Excel workspace and try to create another document in the same environment and use it for your operations and processes.

The first method: The methods that we introduce to you are that users in Excel environment to create their new document can immediately after visiting the Excel software, immediately by viewing the home page of this environment, select the Blank workbook and Create your new work document.But if you are in Excel and want to create another new work document, you must select the file menu in this section, and then in the next window, by selecting the new option, it will cause you to create a new work document. Create yourself.

Working with Excel document – The second method: The next method through which you can easily create new documents is to use its shortcut key, which includes control and N, which by selecting these two keys simultaneously in the following The steps of the document will create a new work for you.

Working with Excel documentSo this way we can easily understand how to create a working document in Excel. There is a significant point, and for this purpose, we have taught you to create a new working document to point out that sometimes the user wants to create a new document that the document in question The comment should be in the form of a special design and use it for advanced operations that he wants.

Therefore, for this purpose, you can refer to the templates that are included in Excel software, and from these default templates placed in this environment, you can choose any of them that suits your needs.

To do this again, by going to the file menu and selecting the new option, you must select the installed templates option, and in this way, it will immediately show you a new window in which there are different templates. And the user can choose any of them as he wishes.Note, however, that there are two other options in this window, which are related to the type of templates stored in your system, and you can use these to open a template.

The second part is how to save a working document in Excel

Working with Excel document – As you know, in Excel, in order to be able to save your work documents in this environment, you can do this in two ways, as the part introduced in the first part of this case is the same.In the first method, you can go to the Excel environment file menu among the options displayed in the window

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