Working with Excel cells

Working with Excel cells


Working with Excel cells

Working with Excel cells is one of the most important parts of the Excel environment because by referring to this environment and to perform your processes and changes, you must be able to use the cells and the settings that exist for them properly and correctly. Select and use them so that you do not have trouble entering your information and data.

Therefore, according to what has been said in this article, we have tried to acquaint you with how to work with cells and the ranges that exist for them in the Excel environment in such a way that when entering this environment to do Giving your operations you can easily have complete control over the cells and their settings.And this way you can easily insert or edit your information or even delete it and many other things can be done on it.

In general, a cell is an important part of the Excel environment where you can put a value or a formula that the value is actually the same as your data and information and to enter it does not require special complexity and you can only Click on the desired file and enter your data in this field.

In order for the data entered in the desired cell to be registered in it, after entering the desired information, select one of the enter keys or tab from your keyboard so that your data in it Register the cell.Now, in order to continue the changes and related processes, it is better to read it with the training included in this section, so that you can see the tricks and tips that you need in Excel in a step-by-step tutorial. And become a professional user in using the Excel environment.

Working with Excel cells

How to work with Excel cells and cell settings

Working with Excel cells РIn order to be able to work with a cell in Excel and know its settings, before introducing all its features, it should be said that each of the cells in Excel is a cell that also has a specific address and name. In this way, first the column is used to introduce the name of the cells, then the name of the row is placed next to it, which means that for columns that are also marked with English letters, for example, say house D4, which means that its column is column D, and its row, which is marked with numbers, is row 4.

Therefore, considering that each of these houses has its own name and their name is determined based on the column and row, and in a box placed at the top of the columns, the name of each cell is placed. But note that in order to see the name of a cell, you must first select the desired cell so that its name can be seen in the field placed in it.

Select a number of cells or mark

In Excel, if you want to select a number of cells in it, it is called marking, which means that cells are placed side by side by placing your mouse on the first cell and clicking the mouse. You have to drag it and hold it as long as you want.Then move your mouse. In this case, it causes you to mark a group of cells to know if the selected cells are marked or not. If all the selected cells turn blue in If the initial cell of this group remains white, it means that you have marked a group of cells.

Of course, note that the way of marking in Excel environment has other methods that can be introduced to say that if you want to use the shortcut method, you must select the Shift key from your keyboard and hold your finger Immediately select the cursor keys on your keyboard and use them to mark a range of cells.

The most important point in this section is to mark a number of cells that are not in a row, so at this time you have to select the ctrl key from your keyboard and hold your finger on it with your mouse. Use the first method and select the cells you want.

Working with Excel cells

Cell content in working with Excel cells

Cell content means that you want to enter your data and information in a cell, so to put data in a cell you have to click on that cell, this will cause the cell to be selected and After that, by entering the desired data, it will cause you to display the result.When we enter a data into a cell, you can use the alt and enter keys at the same time to return to the beginning line of the data and in the same cell, and if you press the enter key alone, it causes Can complete the data entry for you and thus select the next cell for you.

Working with Excel cells – Now, in order to be able to edit the contents of a cell, there are several ways to do this, and the first method is to click on a cell in which information has already been entered, which in this way causes The contents of it and any data contained in it should be displayed in the formula bar.You can immediately click on the formula bar and edit the data displayed in this section, then select the enter key from the keyboard or even click on any other part of the page will cause

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