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WordPress Plugin

WordPress plugin, also called WordPress plugins are an important part of WordPress and can be used to create other very large websites.First of all, to introduce WordPress plugins and plugins, it should be said that WordPress itself is an environment that people use to create their own blogs, and in that environment, which is a software itself, by installing plugins. Power could be used in different parts and it could be used much more.

By using and installing other plugins that are software themselves to your WordPress environment, you can create many different and various features and applications in the WordPress environment.In order to express this issue more easily and to find it among people, we have mentioned an example in this section, which can be said to consider your mobile phone as a WordPress environment, which you can use in the actions that you provide for people. It can be used.Now, WordPress plugins can be introduced to all the software that you install on your mobile phone, so that by using that software in the paths and targets that have been created for them, you can be more comfortable than your mobile phone. Due to this issue, WordPress plugins can also be introduced and described in this way.

What WordPress Plugin Can Do?

Due to the fact that plugins and plugins of the WordPress environment are software that by providing them and installing them in the WordPress environment cause them to integrate with this environment and using them actions and There are more functions in the WordPress environment for people.Using WordPress plugins, people can create any kind of website and lead it in the specified paths and goals, and only in this part, it is not enough to create a blog for them.

As for other applications that can be mentioned for plugins in WordPress, there are many cases, some of which are mentioned and introduced in this section:By using the WooCommerce plugin in WordPress environment, people can create a site that is a store. In fact, using this plugin, people can create an online store site and build it.Other applications in WordPress plugins and plugins can be used to create and create podcasts for yourself.Or other uses of these plugins can be referred to the Envira Gallery plugin that can be used by people to create and build a store site.When you use plugins in the WordPress environment, it causes you to add many professional features designed for different applications to your WordPress environment without having to deal with issues such as programming. You will benefit from other professional facilities available in it.Another type of application of these plugins can be introduced by using the RetailMeNot plugin, which allows people to create a website that specializes in coupons.

Due to the fact that many people use WordPress plugins, you can read the comments of users in this environment to be informed of their comments compared to other plugins, and then according to the useful comments to install the plugin. Of course, in this section, you can also see the number of times a plugin has been downloaded and installed.Other uses for these plugins include the Knowledge Base plugin for creating and building sites. Also, with directory plugins, people can create a business directory in this environment and use it in many uses.According to the items mentioned in this section, people can easily use the various plugins that exist in WordPress and install the desired plugin in line with their purpose. Then start building your website.Therefore, according to the applications and cases mentioned in this section, it can be said that these plug-ins with their type of functions are ready to serve people in various fields and sectors, using the feature Their special features can be used.

WordPress Plugin

WordPress plugin installation tutorial

Another discussion in this environment after getting acquainted with plugins and their applications is to refer to this section and install them, because after people have decided to install plugins in the WordPress environment They should also know how to install it.Therefore, to learn how to install it, follow us to learn the installation method and use it with the methods introduced in this section.In general, to install plug-ins and plugins in this section, it is possible in three ways that using these two methods, people can install their plug-ins.

Install plugins using the plugin search method

The first method that is mentioned in this section for installing plugins for users is to install the plugin from the WordPress environment itself, which should be said that in WordPress, more than 50,000 plugins can be registered by people, and other features and actions that each Which plugins to offer users?But in order to download and then add the desired plugin in your WordPress environment, you must first refer to the path that exists for plugins in WordPress. Then click on the option that includes the add option.

In the next section that you have been transferred to, you can see the very popular and popular plugins in this section, and then according to your needs in this section, you can download the desired plugin and He installed it.Of course, in this section, if you need a special plugin that you also know the name of, you can search for it in the search box, which is also located on the left side of the page, and then search for results after the time spent. And you see the atmosphere. If you find it, you must select the Install Now option and install it.After you have installed the desired plugin for yourself, this option will change to another form and will be displayed to you as an activation. By selecting the activation option, the desired plugin for your WordPress environment will be activated.People can refer to the plugin page and then in this section sub-menus will be added to the plugin, in which other changes and settings can be made in this section and the desired plugin can be customized. .

Install and add plugins in WordPress using the upload method

Another method that can be used to download and install plugins for yourself in this section is the method that people use to buy plugins in this section at times.In fact, in this section, there are a number of plugins that the free version of them can not be obtained, and only by purchasing them, they can be downloaded for themselves, and it is possible for the user to add them.Therefore, after you have downloaded the desired plugin, you can not install the previous method to install it, and this is not possible for the person, so in these cases, people can use the plugin in the following way. Install the comment for yourself.

WordPress Plugin

In this method, people must first download the plugins they want, and then after that, go to the admin section of your panel, and in this section, select the plugins option, and then select the add option.Now on the new page that you have been transferred to, select the option to load the plugin that you see at the top of the page. Then you will see a section in the menu on the right that has added a new option.In this section, you have to click on the Choose Fil option and then select the desired plug-in zip file and then select the now install option.Therefore, using this method, people can easily download and buy other plugins that are low money and then install their plugin after that.

Install the plugin using manual or custom installation method in WordPress

Another way to install plugins in this section is manually, which in fact it should be said that in some cases it is possible that people can not install a plugin in their WordPress or build their own They have added a plugin that they can not install in this section right now. In these cases, the best way to add a plugin is to use the manual method.To do this, people must go to the admin section of their panel, and then in the File Manager section, follow the path / wp-content / plugins / and then in this section, upload the zip file of your plugin.After uploading it, you must now unzip the file, and after this action, go to the secret panel and select the add-on option by selecting plugins. Finally, in this section, you will find the plugin you want.

Other WordPress Plugins Tips

One of the important points that can be mentioned in this section is that; There is no limit for users to choose plugins and their number, and users can use a large number of plugins at the same time.Of course, there is a point in this section that it should be said that selecting a large number of plugins does not cause the site to slow down, and these problems arise only when the desired plugin is not coded correctly, and in case of incorrect coding It causes problems on the site.

According to the benefits that plugins create for users in the WordPress environment, we can refer to the statistics received from it, which in fact can be used to indicate the number of times the plugin has been used.According to all the topics mentioned in this section, people can easily use the WordPress environment, and in this section, due to the great variety of plugins, they can install them through The methods described.People should note that there is no guarantee for the plugins that have been added for free in this section, and this is only possible for paid plugins, and another point is that people can easily download the plugin. Which has special functions and the available version is paid to find it by searching among free plugins and try to install it.

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