Windows 10 settings

Windows 10 settings


Windows 10 settings

Windows 10 settings, due to the fact that installing Windows has its ten times and difficulties, many people prevent it from being installed on their systems. Of course, these difficulties of Windows 10 are not limited to the installation process. After completing the installation process, the main part of it, which is related to its settings, starts, which should be done immediately after installation.In fact, the default settings of Windows 10 are some of the things that the manufacturers have set for it, and these may not be enough for people’s needs. Therefore, users using their Windows 10 after installing it on their systems should make these settings and configurations according to their needs.Of course, it should be noted that Windows 10 is one of the best and most professional Windows that has been provided to users so far. For this reason, it has many different settings for its different parts, which are mentioned in this article to get acquainted with these settings and how to use them.

How to configure Windows 10

Share insert Windows 10 update file

One of the most attractive features of Windows 10 that has been made possible by this feature is the Windows 10 update system, which can be used to update your system via the Internet by using the systems and other computers that use Windows 10. Available to the user.In fact, with this feature added to Windows 10, people no longer need to connect to Microsoft servers to update their system and update their Windows through it.With this feature of Windows 10, people can easily update their system via the Internet on their shoulders from other systems whose Windows has been updated. Of course, considering this, it should be said that your system is also a center that can share updates for others, and through this, other people can use their systems using Windows 10. Update your update as well.

Note that this feature of Windows 10 is enabled by default for your settings and people can use it by default, but if you want to disable this feature, refer to the steps below. And disable this feature.To disable this issue, you can go to your system settings and in the update and security section, you must click on another option that includes Windows update, in the next section, select the advanced option, and then finally the option There is choose how updates are delivered that you must turn off to avoid using this feature of Windows 10 on your system.

Wi-Fi sharing in Windows 10

Another feature that is automatically enabled in Windows 10 is sharing your Wi-Fi with other people and your contacts on Skype, Facebook and Outlook. Of course, note this feature and sharing it by Windows 10 this way. It only shares your Wi-Fi and does not send its password to people.Wi-Fi sharing is quite useful for some cases and some things, but it is not useful for everyone and not all times. Therefore, people should take steps to disable it. To disable this feature, you can search for Wi-Fi in your system settings. Then in the menu that appears, select the change Wi-Fi settings option and click on it. Then in the next section, you have to click on the managed Wi-Fi setting option, and then in the page that is displayed for you, in this section, you can uncheck the Skype and Facebook, as well as Outlook options, and remove this feature for them. Disable.

Windows 10 settings

Disable start menu ads

Another feature of Windows 10 that annoys some people and users is the Microsoft Start Menu ads, which actually use their ads to encourage other users to use the new software in their Windows Store. . In fact, the function of these ads in the menu section is that you see a series of software that you have not actually used and downloaded before, which in fact these software are as Microsoft offers for their ads .To disable and also prevent these ads from being seen in your system, you can select the personalization option from the settings section of your computer, and then in the start section, you must optionally occasionally show suggestion in start by selecting the slider next to it. Turns off and thus can prevent other Microsoft ads on your systems.

Manage notifications in Windows 10

Other things that can be done in the settings of Windows 10 and mentioned are the notifications that these notifications are as a replacement for the charm menu in Windows 8 which is located on the right side of the screen.In Windows 10, these notifications can be placed on the page and used. To activate it, you can click on the notification icon that is placed next to the clock, which includes the system tray option, and select the system option from the all sitting section, and then you must select the option. Select notification and action. This way you can customize the ads and choose which ads to display in this section.

Disable software running in the background of the system

One of the features that Windows 10 has created for users is running software that the user has not run and does not use them and run by default in the background of the operating system. Failure to open this software clearly shows that it consumes the battery of the user’s device and on the other hand also consumes its bandwidth. Of course, these softwares can receive people’s information and send notifications and install updates themselves. Therefore, people should pay attention to these features to use Windows 10, and to disable this feature in Windows 10, you should proceed through the following procedure.So to disable software, software that runs in the background, go to your operating system settings. Then in this section, select the privacy option and by selecting it on the next page and in the menu that appears, select the background apps option and deactivate it to prevent the software from running.

Change your default programs on the operating system

Another feature that you will encounter after installing Windows 10 on your system are the default programs that have been forgotten in Windows 10. By referring to Windows 10 after installing it, you will face these changes immediately, so you can use the actions that activate your default programs that you were familiar with from the beginning in this section. To activate and use these programs, you can right-click on the file you want and then select the open with option, and then select the choose another app in the next menu. In this way, select your default program in the system, but note that after selecting the default program, you must also select his always open check box.

Windows 10 settings

Prevent automatic restart of Windows 10 system

Another feature that is enabled in the settings of Windows 10 and is included as a prefix is ​​to update and update the software installation is completely automatic, which is completely unexpected when installing the system and computer. It restarts so many people avoid this action because they have problems when using their software and restarting it.Therefore, according to the explanations mentioned in this section, this feature and system restart can be disabled and prevented, for which the phrase “advanced update” can be searched in the search field. Then, in the menu that is displayed, select the advanced Windows update options option, which will be displayed to you by selecting that page. In this section, you can change the desired language to notify to schedule restart, and from Prevented the system from restarting.

Targeted advertising through third party software

One of the most interesting features of Microsoft is that it maintains the habits of people in the operating systems and their settings that are liked by its users and they are interested in it and use them over time. It also creates an ad account for individuals that is completely unique to the video account in Microsoft. Other companies using this account and his advertising idea for the user to display targeted ads that are compatible with Winnie’s interests.In addition to the cases mentioned above, Microsoft itself also shares people’s IDs and promotional accounts using other software that it also shares for its software stores. The option is enabled by default and people can deactivate it if they wish. How to disable it is as follows: Go to your system settings and then select the privacy option, and then you must select the option Select the general to see the option let my apps use my advertising ID for experience across apps in the next section, and in this section you must disable this option by dragging the slider that is placed next to it and using Disabling this option and this feature will reset the ads of individuals and users.

Note that there are ten settings and actions for users in Windows that people can activate or deactivate these settings by reading the lips associated with it, or by being aware of this content and how Using them is also accessible and through this you can access the necessary training.Note, however, that in Windows 10 there are many settings that are enabled by default, and in this section and this article, only a limited number of them were introduced and you provided the necessary training for them, so to be aware of all this The settings can be addressed in other articles on this topic and the necessary studies can be obtained in them.Note that Windows 10 is one of the best Windows among the other windows offered by Microsoft, which is very popular among users due to the actions and capabilities that have been added to it, and after not being welcomed by Windows 8 and with the addition of new features to this Windows, many users are satisfied with it, so if you are one of those people who do not use Windows 10 can be found in other articles posted on the site and using the tutorials. Learn how to install Windows 10.

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