What is a text editor?

What is a text editor?


What is a text editor?

What is a text editor? or code editor, include important tools that programmers and other programmers need to use this tool to speed up their work. Create and achieve results.

Considering that IDEs were introduced in the previous sections and in the previous articles, Text editors should now be introduced in this section so that they can be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of both by comparing them. Text editors can be introduced as a group of software that, according to the capabilities that have been added to them, allows the user to create or program in their own programming. Make editing text files simple.

Of course, it should be noted that editors, due to their simplicity, different types of this software are installed on operating systems by default, and in Windows and Mac operating systems, each with some kind of this type. Editors are facing.By default, there is notepad software in Windows, and due to the simplicity of this type of editor, it has caused users of Windows operating systems to be fans of this type of text editor, and in their affairs and work from it. Use.

In general, to introduce text editors, you should continue what we have said in the next section to identify the differences between text editors and IDEs, and thus get acquainted with the features of text editors. Because many people misinterpret the text editor with the IDE.

What is a text editor?

What is a text editor and why should you use it?

What is a text editor? – In general, code editors or code editors are among the most important and basic tools for programmers, designers and writers, which by using this type of tool can easily perform other tasks in development environments. The software can do it through it.In other words, text editors are one of the most important tools that programmers can use in their other programming, and given that these text editors are usually software that with Due to their very small size and very high speed, they can be used in their coding.

This speeds up the programmer’s work and allows you to easily achieve greater efficiency in less time.

What is a text editor? – As mentioned in the previous section, text editors are different software in different operating systems, and for example, in the Windows operating system, notepade software, and in the Mac operating system, text edit software are among the popular text editors of this system. Are agents.Note that the above text editors are only for simple tasks and can not be used for advanced tasks and very hard coding.

Therefore, since many possible features and capabilities for programming can not be found in this type of editors, it is recommended that the user use code editors instead of these editors.Text editors are commonly used to edit and write programming source code, as well as edit configuration files and many other sites, as well as simple files.

Note that the other features and capabilities that exist in text editors are not the same and in each of them different features are used with other editors and only the other main features of this type of text editors are the same. are.The most important advantage that can be introduced to users for text editors is lightness and taking up little space of the system, and due to the lack of many capabilities in this type of text editors, it has caused them to have high speed.

What is a text editor?

What is a text editor?

For programmers and users who want to do their job very quickly, it can be a very important advantage to choose them and use it.Finally, it can be briefly said that text editors are one of the programming tools whose features and capabilities that have been added to them are less than programming environments or ideas.

And due to these less features, they have caused a very high speed of performance, and the purpose is to use this type of editors to edit text, and by adding and installing plugins, they can Add other possibilities and then use them for your own affairs.Therefore, it can be introduced that IDEs are in fact the same text editors in which other features have been added and caused differences with IDEs.

What is the reason for choosing text editors?

What is a text editor? – Compared to IDEs, many programmers and other designers use this type of text editors for their coding because of the very high speed of use of these editors and also their lightness compared to With IDEs, it makes the operation process faster.

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