What if analysis in Excel

What if analysis in Excel


What if analysis in Excel

What if analysis in Excel is one of the tools and menus available in the Excel environment and software that can be used for analysis and analysis, and according to the various options and tools that exist You can click on any of them to get an analysis of your data type according to that tool.

In fact, to introduce this menu and the tools that exist in it, it must be said that the data in Excel environment alone and by viewing them does not give any information to the user, and when you can see the desired information. Have the right conclusion to implement this tool on the desired data through the tools that are placed for data analysis in Excel.According to the analysis and analysis that is done on it, it shows a very good output through which you can see the analysis that it has created on your data.

What if analysis in Excel

What if analysis in Excel – We all know that Excel software is one of the most powerful software in mathematical calculations, and one of the most important tools in this software is the voip analysis menu. This menu itself has a very powerful tool. It is used to analyze data, and when you use the tools in this menu, it allows you to use data in the Excel environment. You make detailed inquiries into the questions that are on your mind in this way and easily create a report of it, and you can use this tool even if your data is incomplete. .

In this section, to introduce the tools available in this menu, all of which we have introduced below, and before that, the issues that the tools in this menu as one of the main tools of Excel software can be addressed. Due to the highlights and the importance of the tools in this section, the purpose of Excel software, which was originally designed for mathematical calculations, has now become one of the data analysis software. Be.

Important and useful tools What if analysis in Excel

What if analysis in Excel – In Excel, there are various tools for this type of menu, which are very important and useful tools in this menu, including scenario manager, goal seek, data table, and if you want to get acquainted with these tools, you should refer to this article. Read it in full, but before that we will refer to the part where this tool exists. The What if analysis menu in Excel is located in a part of the data tab and in the data tools group, and if the menu of this software, according to Go to the given address, you can easily see the analysis menu, then click on it to see the different tools that are used to analyze the data.

Scenario manager tool in Excel software

The first type of tool that exists in this menu, and if you click on the What if analysis menu, you can see its first tool in this section, and it includes the item through which to create and create several scenarios. There are different outputs that can be used. In fact, in order to be able to get acquainted with the type of application that exists for this tool, you have to deal with it when you are faced with an environment in which modes and scenarios There are different types of this means if you are considering a manufacturing plant where its products are available under different conditions.

What if analysis in Excel

What if analysis in Excel – Therefore, to check each of these modes and scenarios in it, you can easily use this tool, and by selecting this tool and placing each of the different modes by reviewing the results, you can see that if any Choose which of these modes will produce the results for you. In fact, one of the important features of the Scenario tool or other tools in this menu is that through the function that for each Which of these tools allows you to test different parts in such a way that the result and its effect are displayed to you and you can select the most important function in this way.

Therefore, according to the above-mentioned explanations, by selecting this type of tool, it will be possible for you to replace the values ​​of several cells, which have the allowable value in Excel for 32 cells, at the same time. Bring and create different scenarios without changing their values ​​manually and compare the results easily and without special features and if necessary according to the type of result from which It is obtained that you can make your decision in relation to your environment.

Goal seek tool in Excel software

What if analysis in Excel – By referring to the desired menu, the second tool that you see in this section includes the item that through this tool, by changing a cell, causes you to display the final output of a process that changes.In fact, when you want to get a good result from your process, you can change the existing cells and thus check the result. According to the explanation, the use of formula writing plays an important role in this type of analysis

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