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Volume hair in Photoshop


Volume hair in Photoshop

Volume hair in Photoshop , due to the fact that the hair in the images of users is one of the most important categories that affect the beauty of the individual, especially in the beauty of women has caused some users to use hair They have thin backs on their heads to use methods in Photoshop software so that they can fill their scalp hair and add to its beauty.

The fact that the hair on the head of some people is small and thin can have various reasons and can be due to diseases or an inherited disorder that the person has not reached the desired amount by using health products or even other By not using hygienic ingredients in any action he has taken, he has not been able to fill his hair in the best possible way, so now at such times it is possible to take pictures and take pictures of himself afterwards. Use methods in Photoshop to create voluminous and beautiful hair.

Therefore, in this section, we have tried to teach you how to fill people’s hair volume so that you can fill people’s hair in a way that it is like a hair extension so that it is completely natural and Other people looking at the image will not be aware of your action.

Volumizing hair in Photoshop – In order to add volume to the hair and add it to the hair, you must first take a sample of the hair and use it as a default example using the related tools available in Photoshop software. Add it to your image and in the hair section and apply it on it as well.

Then, using the transfer tools in Photoshop software, by moving it to the best part of the head and hair, we put the added hair and then, if any changes are needed, apply other changes on it as well. So join us to use the method of filling the hair with volume and adding beauty to it so that you can make your images beautiful in this way.

Volume hair in Photoshop

Volumizing hair in Photoshop

Of course, before we start teaching you how to thicken your hair and make it voluminous, an important point that should be mentioned and users should pay attention to is that it is better to take photos before that. Using the methods that exist, choose your hairstyle in such a way that it looks voluminous. For example, you can use beautiful hairstyles that make the hair full or even cover it. Hair before styling will make your hair appear full-volume.

So you can use these or other tricks that exist to thicken your hair, but if you have not used these methods or while you have used these methods, but also You are not so satisfied with your image, you can add volume to your hairstyle through Photoshop. In the following, we have introduced its method.

Learn how to thicken hair in Photoshop

How to fill your hair in Photoshop is a very simple and easy method that does not require special complexity and you can do it only by following the steps mentioned below. Note that all these steps Regularly so that you can see the result on your images and get the best performance from it.

The first step is to open the original image and sample in Photoshop

Now, in order to be able to use the tools available in Photoshop and the tricks that are in this software, you can position your hairstyle in such a way that it shows your hair full back, you must first put your desired image in Run the Photoshop software, then in the next step, the user must run another image in the Photoshop software, which is actually the same image that tends to use the hairstyle of this image on their hair.

Volume hair in Photoshop

This means that the second image should be an image that you select from the hair sample on it as an example and apply it on our photo hair so that it also shows our hair in a voluminous shape, but note that The second image should not be any kind of photo because its hair color should be almost close to your hair and they can be combined together.

The second step is to remove the image background

Volumizing hair in Photoshop – Then in the next step, you must delete the background of your original photo. To do this, you must first remove the background layer of your original image, which you can see in the Layers panel, and by clicking on it, unlock it and You can select a new layer in this section and create it, and by selecting your main layer, you should delete its background.

The reason for this is that by removing the background of the original image, you can easily identify the hair on the head and make changes to it, so that the background of your image can be removed. First you need to select its layer.Volumizing hair in Photoshop

Then go to the Layers panel and in this section there is a section at the top of the Layers panel that contains the properties panel and you can see it. In this section, you must select the remove background option from the quick action section. Action means deleting the background of the image and immediately after this action, the background of your image will be easily deleted.

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