use of vectors in Photoshop

use of vectors in Photoshop


Use vectors in Photoshop

use of vectors in Photoshop, which are actually images that are called vector images, and are used as graphic files, in which resizing and resizing do not make any sense. You resize the vector and enlarge them without changing the quality and causing a drop in quality. It can easily be enlarged to 32,000 pixels.

Vector images are also called vector images, which is the main use of this type of image in large designs. For example, for the use of these images, we can refer to large banners and billboards or even posters. In addition to being large, these items are also very high quality. The images in these banners and their quality is also very suitable. Of course, one of the other applications that can be introduced from vector images for flash designs and animations and Or even video teasers that have many uses in these cases.

To better introduce images and vector files, we can mention that these files have hobby formats such as vmf, EPS, Ai and many other formats that are introduced as vector file formats. In order to use this type of file, which is their format, the user must use special software to be able to run such files.

use of vectors in Photoshop – The main features of this category of files are many and we can point to the most important of them, which is the ability to zoom in and enlarge the image without losing quality and reducing the quality, and in other words, we can say that such images Any amount can be magnified and done on them without hurting the image in it.One of the other features that exist in this type of files is the ability to change the files of this category of formats, which for its simpler expression can be said by using this type of format in its special software, for example software Curl software can fragment an existing image and make changes to its appearance, thus creating a new shape.

use of vectors in Photoshop

When it comes to vector images, it should be noted that for software that produces this category of images and files, in fact, their performance is such that using the tools in this software Focuses on the points in the image layer, and their output also creates these types of files that have the above formats, and therefore these files are of high quality.But other tools that exist and one of them is Photoshop. These tools and software are in bits and produce images and files in this software compared to the software produces less Is wet.

use of vectors in Photoshop

Another feature that exists in this category of files is the ability to convert them to raster images. It can also be used in this feature that raster images are images that are created from a large number of pixels and one Another feature of vector files includes the fact that in the software of the literary company, one of which includes Photoshop, this category of files can also be run and through it changes to it to Created.

When you need to use such files in your system, to run it, the user must use illustrator software, which is one of the software from Adobe, and to work and change other features in this category. Files should use software that supports vector files, but when the user does not have access to this software can run it in Photoshop and make changes to it. How to run it in Photoshop is as follows.

How to use vectors in Photoshop and open these files

use of vectors in Photoshop – The methods of executing vector files in Photoshop software and using vectors in Photoshop are such that the file you want can be located in any part of the system by clicking on it and then selecting the option open with You can select the Photoshop option in the next section to refer to the next section.

use of vectors in Photoshop

Of course, when the user has run Photoshop software, he can also refer to the path of this group of files by selecting the open option from the price of the file menu in Photoshop or selecting the control keys and o at the same time. Run it in Photoshop software or you can even run the file by dragging it on Photoshop and dropping it, and the advantage of this method and the first method is not to open Photoshop, which uses these methods Without running Photoshop software and doing these methods, the desired file will be run directly in Photoshop software and finally it will be seen that your file has been run in your software and It will immediately show you a window.

Now in the window that is displayed for you, select the largest size for your vector file and images. This is also due to the fact that when vector images or any type of vector file

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