Types of Windows 8

Types of Windows 8


Types of Windows 8

Types of Windows 8, which has many different versions, each of which is designed and created for specific tasks and tasks. They are designed according to the different needs of users and can be used.Windows 8, which was created by Microsoft and designed to achieve the goals of users, was released in 2012 and made available to its users.

It should be noted, of course, that Microsoft is constantly building new versions of Windows, but when it built Windows 8, it created only a limited number of different versions. And it is much less than previous versions of Windows.Therefore, according to what has been said, in any case, Windows 8 was presented in the market with a smaller number of versions and was made available to users. Of course, it should be pointed out that the cost of the existing versions of Windows 8 according to The type of functions and the amount of capabilities of the desired Windows are also different.

Introducing the types of Windows 8

Windows 8/1

The most common and initial version of Windows 8 that was offered to users and came in two different versions of 32-bit as well as 64-bit, which has other features and home capabilities for users and of which People can use.In fact, this type of version of Windows 8, also called the home version, in which people can use other features that are new and also introduced as basic features of Windows 8.Among the capabilities and features of Windows 8 in this type of version, we can mention its appearance, which is like a tile, and other features of this type of version of Windows 8 also include Windows Store, Internet Explorer 10, Windows Desktop and There are other features as well.This type of version of Windows costs less than other versions, but it should be noted that with its lower cost, so its features are less than other versions of Windows.

Types of Windows 8

Windows 8.1 Pro

Another version of Windows 8 that was presented to users and made available to other people is this type of version of Windows 8, in which it is easy to compare significant changes with the previous type and version and realized This version of Windows has more features and facilities that people can have by paying for it.

In fact, this version of Windows 8 can be said to be suitable for other users who use systems and computers semi-professionally, and in addition, it is also suitable for other small companies.This version of Windows, which has fewer features and capabilities compared to the next version, which includes Enterprise, but has a large number of features of this version, which is also less expensive compared to it.

This type of version of Windows can be compared to Windows 7 Ultimate as one of the most professional versions. To introduce other features and capabilities of this type of Windows, we must introduce some of them to you.

Among the features of Windows 8 in the professional version include the ability to create or connect to a Windows domain, this feature is only available in this version of Windows 8 and the Enterprise version, which of course is the only case. Available in 64-bit or x64 versions.And a tool to control the management of the Windows Start screen, as well as its management tool feature to make Flash bootable and boot Windows 8 via USB.Take advantage of the Group Policy feature, which is also available only in this type of version of Windows 8 and Enterprise, as well as another case that can be seen in this type of version of Windows, the ability to encrypt your information at the usage level. From Windows on your system.

Windows 8.1 Enterprise

Types of Windows 8 – This is an example of another version of Windows 8, also called enterprise Windows 8, in which you can access all the features of the previous version of Windows 8, which was professional Windows 8, in addition to It has other features that can be introduced in this section and get better acquainted with them.Other people who do all the work of the company in their networks using systems, this type of Windows 8 is very suitable for them.

Because in this version, a large number of features have been added to it, which distinguishes it from other versions of Windows 8, and causes them to use different capabilities for people in the field of management and networking. Create.Of course, the point to be made in this regard is that in this type of Windows only one of the features and capabilities of Windows 8 version 8.1 Pro is not supported, and this also includes Windows Media Center.

But other important features in this version of Windows 8 include:

BranchCache, which is one of the network tools for CASH, stores information of other software as well as data locally on the client services, which aims to reduce traffic.Other features of this type of Windows 8 include DirectAccess, which uses it to create a networking tool for secure and reliable network connections.It also makes use of other information and resources that are shared to create a secure and reliable connection.

It should be noted, however, that sharing information using a secure connection has nothing to do with VPN and does not do so.Another feature in this version of Windows 8 includes AppLocker, which is a security tool that is used to restrict groups and their access to files, as well as to run Creates other programs.Other important features in this version of Windows 8 include the WTG feature, which is short for Windows To Go.And its presence in Windows allows people to save their Windows as windows that can be stored on mass storage and then whenever and wherever they need it by booting from available memory Put themselves.

Windows RT 8.1

Types of Windows 8 – Another version of Windows 8 that is available to users and individuals includes RT 8.1, which; In fact, this version of Windows 8 is only for users whose systems are either computers or tablets or anything else.And the processor used in it is ARM processor, and it is only for 32-bit versions, at which time people can only download this type of version of Windows 8 on systems. Install yourself and use other facilities available in it.This version of Windows 8, which has many limitations compared to professional and enterprise versions, and we can only say that it has more and better features and capabilities than the basic versions of Windows 8.

In fact, it can be said that this version of Windows 8 is between two simple and professional versions of Windows 8 and has some features of this type of Windows. Of course, in this version of Windows 8, it can be said that there are limitations that include:Connecting to a Windows domain, as well as not having the Group Policy feature, is another limitation of this version of Windows 8, although these are just a few of the limitations of Windows 8 and RT 8.1.In fact, in other words, this version of Windows 8 only has the ability to run programs that are supported by Windows Runtime, and thus can be used.The only important feature that can be seen in this version of Windows 8 and a strong point for its users is the basic package and package capability of Microsoft Office that Microsoft, by making it free, it is available to users of this version of Windows 8 Has set.

Types of Windows 8

Which version of Windows 8 is better?

Another section that is very important for users is to refer to this section, which in fact, using this section should address the issue of which version of the existing version of Windows 8 is better than other versions, and people try Install it on your systems?In this part, it should be said that users who want to use Windows 8, and unlike Windows 7, which can be seen in various versions, and among the various versions, people have many choices to choose a better version. They had it on their systems, but there is this limitation in using Windows 8, and they only have to choose one of the 4 available versions.

Therefore, for other people whose systems support the ARM processor, they can only use the version of Windows 8 RT, and there is no choice for these people, and the next three options are suitable for people who have processors. They are Intel type.Another thing is that for people who are relatively familiar with systems and Windows, so they can not use the first case, Windows 8/1, and this case is not suitable for this group of people.

Types of Windows 8

Therefore, we consider the professional version of Windows 8 suitable for people who choose it, and we also introduce this to people, and you can use it in your various affairs by installing it on your systems.But if you are one of those people who use systems and Windows in a completely professional way, it is recommended to use the version of Windows 8.1 Enterprise, because using the professional version of Windows 8 is enough for this group of people. Is not and has limitations for them.

Of course, there is also an enterprise version, which we recommend. This version of Windows 8 is not useful for many users, and we do not recommend using it, and by installing it, you will only occupy your system memory, if by installing it. This version of Windows 8, as mentioned, can easily access all its features without the slightest restriction.

Therefore, according to what is said in this section, for many users who use Windows 8, the professional version of Windows 8 is suitable and by using it, they can easily do all the different parts of their work and affairs. It did the right thing, and if people want to use Windows 8 more professionally, they can use the Enterprise version.

In this part of the article, various types of versions of Windows 8 were introduced, which were introduced with the introduction of each of these Windows, which also has all the features and other features that are available in them, and by reading this section, easily People can get information in choosing which type of available version and then install different versions on their system.

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