Types of Windows 7

Types of Windows 7


Types of Windows 7

Types of Windows 7, which has different examples that were presented to users at the time of the introduction of Windows 7. In this section, we have introduced and presented its types.One of the most important parts of this section, and it is important to mention it, is that when a new Windows is introduced and different versions of it are also available to users.In general, people are always faced with the important part of which version of Windows to install. In general, which versions of Windows are better for people to install on their systems?

So to answer this important question, first introduce all the versions of Windows 7 available in the market. In fact, Microsoft has introduced different Types of Windows 7 in this section.First of all, before introducing the different versions of Windows 7, it should be said that 6 versions of Windows 7 have been provided to users by Microsoft and are available to individuals, but the important point is that only two versions of this Windows 80 Percentage of users who have installed and used it.These two versions that have caused Microsoft to spend most of its energy and time advertising on it can be introduced, which includes windows 7 home premium for consumers. Also, Windows 7 Professional is for small businesses and long-distance employees.The point to be made in this section is that the difference between 32-bit as well as 64-bit windows is only felt when the hardware resources in the home system are more than that. The thing is, 32-bit Windows can use it.But the important part of this section includes the different versions of Windows 7 that have been addressed.

Introducing the types of Windows 7 provided by Microsoft:

Windows 7 Starter

The simplest version of Windows 7, which is only available for 32-bit Windows and is available to users, is Memi, and it can be used for basic and simple uses, which is also suitable for these uses.Initially, when Microsoft introduced this type of Windows to its users, it decided to prevent its users from running software for more than three applications at the same time and prevent them from doing so, and in fact Users of this type of Windows can only run three applications at the same time.

This version of Windows is designed for lightweight notebooks and can be used for them, but the point here is that Microsoft claims this for its 6 versions of Windows software. And claims that all 6 versions are suitable for notebooks.In general, this Windows, which is the simplest type and has the lowest features, has been developed in developing countries to use it to meet their basic needs.This version of Windows is not available in online stores and is only installed by default on new computers that other hardware partners build and offer.Features of this type of Windows can be said that in this Windows there are modified versions of the taskbar, family group file sharing, jump lists and other features that are simply placed in this type of Windows.

Types of Windows 7

Windows 7 Home Basic

In this type of Windows, all the features that existed in Windows Starter also apply in this case and benefit from all of them, and the only difference is in some cases, which are mentioned below.This type of Windows can be considered a version that actually includes the features of the starter and Home Premium versions and in fact has all the features of the Starter version.This type of Windows is under OEM license and is available in some developing countries. Of course, this type of version does not exist legally in the United States and, like the Starter version, does not support the Aero user interface feature.

Features of this type of Windows include the following:

This type of Windows is offered for 32-bit versions as well as 64-bit versions, and also other features that exist in this type of Windows include a preview of the icons in the toolbar.Other features in this type of Windows version include Mobility Center, which allows people to manage the various networks that connect the systems and computers of individuals.Of course, another feature of this type of Windows is the ability to open more than three software programs at the same time, which is provided for users and they can use it.

Windows 7 Home Premium

This type of Windows, which is presented after the previous two windows and includes all the features of the previous two windows, in addition to other items that are mentioned below and has the features that are mentioned below.This Windows, which has had the most audience by users and is known as the main Windows 7, and according to the type of application, it has been placed among other people in two ways, including selling it as a single sale and in the section The second was under OEM license.Therefore, according to the said explanation, its single-selling version has been used all over the world and among other hardware companies that have partnered with Microsoft. By building their new hardware, they installed this type of Windows on it.The home and retail version of Windows that is available to users is a more up-to-date action than the initial version, with the difference that this version of Windows 7 uses other features, including the Aero Glass user interface version with features Windows navigation, which includes Aero Glass and also has Aero and many other things that should be mentioned in this version of Windows, in addition to the above, has Windows Touch or Windows Touch and the possibility of creating groups Home networks and media centers, as well as playing and making DVDs, as well as premium and professional games and a stimulus center.Therefore, according to the above, it is possible to understand what features and actions have been added to this version of Windows 7, which made it very popular among the audience and as one of the main versions. Home Windows is known to have a large audience installing it on their systems.

Windows 7 Professional

This type of Windows, like the previous Windows, is available as a single sale among other users, and in addition, under the OEM license, it is available to other business partners of Microsoft, and thus was made available to users and individuals.Among the features of this type of Windows, it should be noted that it includes all the features that are available in Windows 7 Home Premium in this type of Windows, but it is noteworthy that in this Windows, there are other features and other things as well. Exists and distinguishes it from Windows 7 Home Premium.

Other features of Windows can include networking features and capabilities, as well as the ability to protect other people’s information in the home business and other home users that have been added to it.Other features of this type of Windows include other encrypted protection files to protect other people’s information in this type of system, as well as other features in this software and Windows. There are features that are used for software restriction policies.Other features of this type of Windows include Remote Desktop server and Presentation Mode, as well as the ability to connect Windows to a Windows server domain.

Types of Windows 7

Windows 7 Enterprise

Types of Windows 7 – This type of Windows, which includes all the features of Windows 7 Professiona in addition to security and network actions, and these features are included in it, is only available to users under the volume license.However, in this type of Windows, there are some differences with Windows 7 Professional, which are the same differences that have made this Windows possible with these features, including these features include Bitlocker, which is used to code. Placing data on external and internal disks.Other features that can be introduced for this section include BranchCache; This feature can be used to speed up access to files on other computers and remote networks.

This type of Windows also includes DirectAccess, which makes it possible to connect to the corporate network without having a VPN. In addition, using AppLocker is another feature of this Windows, which causes other software to run after running. Prevent devices that are unauthorized.Also in this version of Windows, using the UNIX Application Support feature, it causes it to support Unix user interfaces. It also has a Multilingual User Interface that enables the system to use a multilingual user interface.

Windows 7 Ultimate

These two versions of Windows, which is known as the final version of Windows 7, include all the features that were mentioned in other previous versions of Windows, and using this type of Windows, you can access all of the above features.This type of Windows is also called the Enterprise version, which is for home versions and applications for people, and it should be said that this Windows and this type of version includes the most expensive type of Windows in Windows 7, which according to all actions, features It has many other features for ordinary people and users do not use them.

Therefore, according to the definitions and features that were expressed from different versions of Windows 7 and all their features were discussed and introduced to individuals and users, you can use any of your needs to install any of Get these versions of Windows on your systems.Of course, it should be noted that this point is important because after Windows 7, other Windows other than Windows 8 and Windows 10 have been provided to users, which has more features and actions, and people can install them from other features. And use their capabilities in the direction of their goals, and of course, according to the amount of goals and the type of function of people, this can also be used on their systems.Therefore, if you want to install samples and other versions of other windows on your systems, you can refer to the other contents that have been placed on the site and how to install other Windows 8 and different types of Windows 10 are explained. And use these tutorials to install the desired Windows on your system.

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