Types of Windows 10

Types of Windows 10


Types of Windows 10

Types of Windows 10 are among the most diverse and include the most feature-packed types of Windows from Microsoft, which has gained a lot of fans all over the world, and many people install this type of Windows on Their systems do not.Windows XII is still used as the newest type of Windows among users, and due to the popularity it has gained among people, hundreds of millions of users are still using this Windows and its different versions, but still many There are some people who chose which of the versions of Windows 10, which we will now introduce different versions of Windows 10 in this article, and we will also introduce the best type of it for people to install.

Therefore, other people who decide to install Windows 10 on their systems, it is recommended to read this article to choose the most appropriate version of Windows 10.So before we introduce the different types of Windows 10, we must answer the important question that arises for people and includes the question of which version of Windows 10, the 64-bit version and the 32-bit version is available. Let us.

To answer this question, it is necessary to pay attention to what kind of versions the CPU of the system supports. In fact, the 32-bit version of Windows 10 is suitable for other systems whose processor is old, and the 64-bit version is suitable for other systems with CPUs. More up-to-date specifications are suitable for systems that have been produced since 2007. Their processors are more up-to-date, and 64-bit versions are usually suitable for these types of systems.

Types of Windows 10

In any case, to choose any of these versions, people must look at their system and due to the limitations in their systems to the type of processor in their system, choose one of these versions for their desired Windows. And then install it on your system.

A noteworthy point that can be introduced to people is the methods of how to find the type of 64-bit and 32-bit versions of Windows for the system that people can right-click on their operating system by selecting the start option and then in the menu that Is displayed for them and select the system option.

Then, when the window opens for them, it will be seen in that window that in the system section, there is a system type option, in front of which the 32 and 64-bit type of the system processor is specified and can be displayed for people. And the 64-bit that is mentioned in this section, you can choose the right Windows for your system.

Introducing versions of Windows 10

We are now introducing the types of versions available in Windows 10 that people can choose the most appropriate type of Windows 10 version according to the explanations given in this section.The first basic version of Windows that includes Windows 10 home

This version of Windows, which is introduced as the first basic version, is installed on all systems in general, and the special feature of this version of Windows can be without having to manage multiple tools and capabilities simultaneously. This version does not have this type of management and for other people who are not interested in this type of multi-tool management at the same time, the most suitable type of Windows version is for them.

types of Windows 10

Another feature of this version of Windows 10 is that its style is very suitable for gamers, and these people can use it by installing this version of Windows in the world of their games, so that it can be easily They can sync their account with the Xbox and enjoy the full performance of the game, as well as the streaming, and thus the performance of the games.In general, this version of Windows 10 is referred to as the least features and, of course, as the cheapest version of Windows 10, and is suitable for those people who use their systems in business work that requires protection and security of their information. Is not and also do not use its management which is multi-tool management.

Types of Windows 10

In fact, in other words, this version of Windows 10 is the most suitable version for other people who then use it for games and when they use it for their games, it sees a lot of performance. They are suitable and desirable during their games, and in this version of Windows 10, Microsoft has removed other business and business capabilities of Windows, which is also considered as the lightest version of Windows that has advanced at the same time. Available to its people and users.

Advanced version of Windows 10 that includes Windows 10 pro

This version of Windows 10 is considered to be the most advanced version of Windows 10, in which all the features that were present in the basic version of Windows 10 are also included in this version, in addition to many other features.

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