Types of network cards

Types of network cards


Types of network cards

Types of network cards, which include different types are introduced in this section, and according to its different types, one of the best types of network cards can be selected according to your needs and used.

Considering that the network card is one of the most important hardware components in computers that must be installed on it in order to connect the computer as a server or client to the World Wide Web. Connect.Network cards provide a very secure connection between the computer as well as the transmission environment on the network, making it easy for the user to browse the web in the world of the Internet and do other things.

Due to the fact that network hair cards have different types, older computers have used their older type, and newer computers also use new network cards.

Therefore, users should pay attention to a series of features and characteristics to select it, and according to these specifications, select the network card in your computer. These features and characteristics include the transfer speed in the network and the type of connection interface and It also connects to the computer board along with its access method.Due to these cases, a kind of task has arisen in the network card, which can be mentioned as the main task in the network card, to create a connection between the computer and the world of the Internet.

Types of network cards

Introducing the types of network cards

Currently, there are different types of network cards, and in this section, we have introduced their types only in this section, only according to the type of their connection, as well as due to their internal and external network cards.

Of course, network cards are generally divided into two types, which is according to the type of network cards, which can be said to be two types of network cards that are placed on the computer motherboard, and also Network cards that connect to computers through various other interfaces are examined.Therefore, to introduce these two types, it should be said that in the first category, they include network cards on the boards, according to the places assigned to them on the computer board, they are placed on the computers.

The second category, which is through external networks, these types of cards are located outside of computers and usually connect to laptops, and one of the major advantages of these network cards is their fast connection to It has its own ports and you do not need to turn off the computer to connect and disconnect it.Now, according to the introduced examples, considering the connection of network cards, we are examining them. In this category, there are two main types of network cards, including the following:

Ethernet network card

This type of network card, through which it actually connects the computer to the Internet, is connected to the computer via a cable. In fact, it can be said that it is possible to use it. Which act as the interface between the network card and the computer.

So that one end of it is connected to the Ethernet cable and the other end is also connected to the modems, of course, considering that your network card is also connected to the computer, and after connecting it to the computer, one end is connected. It has a port that connects to other components with a cable and interface.Therefore, according to this type of network card, it can be said that it is of the wired type, which is called vired. Network cards that are of this type only through one type of RJ _45 port, as well as an Ethernet cable that The end of it is connected is used.Due to the flatness and small size of this type of network card, it can be said that it is located as the main advantage of this type of network card over the wireless network card.

Types of network cards

Application of network card with wired wire

These types of network cards usually have an rj-45 port that they use with an Ethernet cable attached to the end, and typically use this type of card on other smart devices such as TVs. Network printers and wired modems, as well as on the boards of all computers, are installed and used.Typically, this type of network card has a series of standards that it also supports and causes a kind of equivalent speed for it, which also has a fast eternet standard. is.

Note that this type of network card, due to having it and being equipped with a port or port, causes the network cable to connect to it with very different connectors. By viewing these ports, you can connect to computers. Home and laptops and wireless modems make sure all these ports are visible inside.

Wireless network card

Another type of network card includes wireless, which is also known as a wireless card because it is connected via electromagnetic waves and signals.And it does not use wires and cables because according to the type of function that exists on this type of network card, they receive wireless signals from their router and convert them to a computer connection to the Internet. N.

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