Types of Mac OS

Types of Mac OS


Types of Mac OS

Types of Mac OS – Mac OS’s operating systems, which are part of a multinational company in the United States, were founded and founded in 1971 by Steve Jobs, as well as Steve Wozniak and Ronaldo Wayne.

It should be noted that Steve Jobs, along with his other colleagues, actually asked people to help with their project, and eventually formed a team of six, whose goal is also to produce operating systems. The company’s production was not limited to operating systems, but also produced hardware suitable for its operating system.

A noteworthy point to note is that many people think that the graphical user interface, which is one of the most important operating systems and has gained a lot of fans among users, are of the opinion that this The type of graphical user interface was first opened and used by Windows, while the graphical user interface was created by Apple and used on its computers.

Introducing Mac OS Types

The first version of the Mac operating system was introduced, including the Mac OS X operating system. When this type of operating system was introduced, it was considered a very fundamental change due to the fact that in this operating system, the capabilities and features used Which caused it to be very popular among users and also caused this operating system to be considered among experts, and due to the relationship between the production hardware of the company and its operating system, it makes it easy to use. This in itself attracted users to this operating system.

After the company achieved the limit for this operating system, Os X quickly became one of the main brands of Apple, after which newer versions of this type of operating system were introduced. The title is Mac Os, which we are currently seeing different versions of.

Now in this section, we will introduce the different operating systems that use the Mac operating system and different versions of it.

Types of Mac OS

Cheetah operating system or OS X 10

The first version of the Mac operating system or OS X introduced by Apple included this type of operating system, which is Cheetah, and is considered the tenth version because the Latin letter X next to the name of this operating system means the number 10. is

When this operating system was introduced by Apple and people and users, and at the same time, the Aqua user interface was introduced, and with the introduction of this type of user interface, in fact, it should be said that Apple is the classic user interface that was previously in the systems. Used in this type of operating system, there was no news about them.Among the features that existed in this Aqua user interface, we can mention other keys for changing the size of windows. These options and keys were used in this type of Kurdish relationship, and the icons in it were also real. Terry appeared.

Types of Mac OS

The cost that existed for the public version of this type of operating system and the people and users who used it had to pay for it has reached you, and its remarkable features were supposed to be the use of the Unix operating system in its initial design, in other words this type Apple’s operating systems are based on the Unix operating system, so it can be predicted that they will have a lot of stability and power, and of course, in the operating systems after the Cheetah operating system, the proprietary Unix operating system has also been used.

Another feature that was introduced in this type of operating system and next to it by Apple is the Dock bar, which is one of the most important features in the beauty of operating systems, and it can be said that the section The beauty of this operating system, which was also noticed by many people, is due to the presence of a dock bar.Among the software that was introduced and embedded with this operating system at that time, we can mention the address book software as well as mail and textedit, which were introduced by Apple along with this operating system.

Types of Mac OS

Puma OS or OS X 10.1

About six months after the introduction of the Chi operating system, a new version introduced by Apple and Mac included the Puma operating system, which was considered a new update to the previous operating system, which included features and More important features that work with people to make them faster and faster to get things done.

Among the important features of this type of operating system are the ability to quickly switch between menus in the system, as well as the process and function of logging in to the operating system, which can be done much faster.

Other features were also added to the operating system, such as optional settings and configurations, which in fact caused the dock bar to be moved by people when using the operating system.And of course there are other menus where you can control the volume of your system and of course you can use it to create better control over your system battery.

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