Types of Linux

Types of Linux


Types of Linux

Types of Linux – Linux types, the number and variety of which is very large and so that today there are more than a hundred examples of Linux distributions, many of which are designed to advance specific goals and applications. We have introduced some of the most important ones. It should be noted that all programmers and organizations that use Linux use it to create an operating system that fits their needs and goals in parallel. There are many purposes that different organizations use this operating system and the most important part of these uses can be mentioned for organizations that aim to avoid hacking and prevent many abuses. Other people design their own operating system.

Of course, there are other organizations that make their operating system available to other people around the world so that other people can use this diversity of distribution and achieve their goals through it. Therefore, there are many different distributions of the Linux operating system that have been programmed with different purposes, and the most important type can be named in mobile phones today, and Android is one of these cases and its applications.

Types of Linux

Types of Linux We have already introduced the multiplicity of these distributions, but before that it should be said that due to the fact that there are many diverse distributions and people can easily choose each one according to their type of purpose. Take action and install it on your systems. However, due to the fact that these distributions are very large and diverse, people may choose to distribute their desired Linux operating system that is the same as their purpose. And of course, if they can not find a suitable distribution, they can have a Linux kernel by making changes to it to create a suitable distribution for their purpose and then use it.

Introducing Linux types

Ubuntu Linux operating system

Types of Linux – This type of operating system is known as one of the best and most popular distributions of Linux operating system among users and individuals, and many people use it to advance their goals. This type of operating system, which is based on Debian and For other people who are moving from Windows or other operating systems to Linux and want to try this environment, it is the best option and they can easily use it. Important for this type of operating system is a desktop environment such as this, which is recommended for people who have just entered this environment and try to install it. It is known as the most popular operating system and Linux distribution among many people. In each of its versions, it has used better cases and features that make it popular among people on a regular basis. One of the most important features of this Linux distribution is that other people do not need to. They do not need to update other software and drivers and even update the operating system separately and one by one, and for this action only by referring to The management department can update their system by selecting several options.

Kubuntu Linux operating system kubuntu

Types of Linux – This type of operating system, which is a derivative of the Ubuntu operating system and is one of the popular operating systems, is designed and developed on the basis of the Ubuntu operating system, and the only difference with Ubuntu is that it is a desktop environment. KDE uses. So the only difference between this version of the operating system and Ubuntu was the previous part, and in this type of distribution, like the previous distribution, it has a schedule for releasing new versions and many other features. It’s like Ubuntu.

Types of Linux

Linux PC Linux OS

This type of operating system is another Linux operating system distribution in which the desktop KDE plasma environment is used by default and is designed for other users and ordinary people. One of the important features in this There is a distribution of the Linux operating system that is to install drivers and download office software as well as edit images and in addition to doing online activities in this type of operating system and this type of distribution is very simple and easy. Be.

Debian Linux operating system

Types of Linux – This type of Koch operating system is one of the oldest as well as the most powerful operating system among other Linux operating system distributions, which is maintained by individuals and developers who have voluntarily developed it. Debian is distributed in many areas, including servers and desktops, and can be used by people who use them for their own purposes. An important feature of Debian can be translated into the meaning of App Source, which literally focuses on stability. In other words, given the stability and stability of this type of operating system as an operating system that It is suitable for servers and has been introduced and used among people. One of the most important features of this type of operating system can be found in its software packages, which by default

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