Types of computers

Types of computers


Types of computers

Types of computers include different types that many people and people know only desktop computers that must enter their information through the mouse and keyboard. It then receives the output information through the processing screen applied to it by the computer.Therefore, it should be said that computers are not limited to desktop computers and all electronic devices that use processors are called computers. Of course, mentioning this point does not mean that people are wrong and all devices that are wrong. It uses processors to call the computer, but their action is not wrong and only their way of thinking about it is wrong. Because it should be said that computers are the items mentioned in the explanation and other categories are also considered as computers. According to this issue, different types of computers can be introduced that you can get acquainted with them until the end of the article.

Types of computers according to its invented examples for humans

Computers have different examples, in this article, we will introduce and explain to you some of them that have been made by human beings until today. Using the built-in programming for it does a lot of human work. Of course, your computer is also able to do activities using its main components.

So join us to introduce its types to describe different examples that include:

1- Personal computers or PCs

Personal computers are the most common type of computer that people are familiar with and do their work with. It can be said that they are computers that are designed and used for public activities and works.Other features of personal computers include a very low volume as well as very low power plus its very small size, which, of course, in comparison with these cases, is the most widely used type of computer among individuals and persons.Of course, in the past, this type of computer was called from different types, including microcomputers or microcomputers were also attached to this type of computer and were known by this name.Personal computers are divided into different categories. The latest category of these computers today is the iPad, which we have introduced in the following different types of personal computers.Types of different categories of personal computers

Desktop computers

Desktop computers are one of the categories of personal computers, which are also called desktops. These types of computers themselves include screens, keyboards, and a system unit that move very little and are usually placed in a fixed place.One of the main features of these computers is that they are popular among people because of their unrestricted use for space, along with their high efficiency and power.These types of computers have more uses and more users because there is no limit to their memory size and also because of its lower price than laptops.


Another category that exists in personal computers includes laptops, which many and most people also know as notebooks or quality computers.An important feature of these computers is their portability along with their lightness and elegance, which in fact should be said that in these computers, screens, keyboards, processors, memories and other items that are present in all computers with They have presented very small volumes and very beautifully on top of each other, and they have created small computers that are the size of a bag for people.The technology used in making different types of laptop computers or quality computers is so advanced that in many of them, advanced technologies are first placed on quality computers and then then on desktop computers. The size of these computers is the size of a bag or slightly larger or smaller, some of which are even more powerful than desktop computers.An important feature of these computers that makes it very unique is the small size of the site and its very low weight. This makes these computers easily compatible and people use them for personal use.

Types of computers


Another type of personal computer is netbooks, which are very light and also make it very easy for people to attack. In fact, it can be said that these types of computers are smaller than laptops and are suitable for simple processing uses as well as for using the Internet, and the processing power of these computers is relatively low.The price of this type of computer is much more reasonable than laptops and can be easily used for people and their applications. First, note that because of the small size, the performance of laptops should not be expected from this type of computer and It is clear that their performance is lower than laptops.

Personal PDA digital assistant

Other types of computers include computers that are so small that they can be pocketed and carried around. Of course, these computers use flash drives or hard or dry disks for its memory instead of the hard drive.Another thing that is included for these computers is not having a keyboard or keyboard, which of course in some of them is also made with a keyboard, but for those personal digital assistant computers that do not have a keyboard, the user and people for Using the keyboard can use the virtual keyboard screen and enter their information through it.Of course, I do not have a mouse for these computers, and its users enter input information into it through optical pens or their fingers, and the most famous brands of this type of computer include hp, htc, asus and others.


Stations are another type of computer that can be placed in the category of desktop computers, but with the difference that the capabilities of this type of computer is much more than desktop computers and due to the large number of external memory and Its many processors are used for graphic and media designs of this type of computer in mixing and assembling film studios and categories of this group, and their appearance can be attributed to its large screen with a very powerful processor. Which has a high capacity hard drive.There are various other categories for this and personal computers, including mainframes and supercomputers, and many other categories that we have only mentioned in this section.

2- Super computers

Supercomputers can be defined as very powerful and powerful computers that are different from different types of ordinary computers and have their own special and unique features. Note that supercomputers are different from ordinary computers and have their own unique features.Supercomputers are very large in appearance, which takes up a lot of space and environment. Due to its extensive features, it is different from ordinary computers that people use, and this type of computer as a computer. Very powerful ones that are also known to generate a lot of heat.The speed of data transfer in the computer parts of supercomputers is much faster than the speed of light and they transmit a large amount of information at the speed of light.

3- Large computers

Another category that can be defined for all types of computers are large computers or mainframe computers, which are the type of computers of other government units and large commercial companies, as well as universities where the variety of tasks and volume of information for processing information is large and complex. Used. The salient features of these computers are the simultaneous connection of thousands of people as well as the execution of various programs.These types of computers have a very high processing speed, but the disadvantage that the different types of these computers are included is their large volume and large environment. In addition, another weakness that can be stated for these computers is the cost of repairing it. It costs a lot and it is difficult to prepare and maintain.

Other features of this type of computer are changing the capacity of its systems without any problems, and using this type of computer can replace even 100 types of small computers and other servers.Today, the role of this type of computer in the affairs of countries has increased so much that in banking, finance, government services and private companies, it can be easily seen that they use this type of computer to process their programs.

Types of computers

4- Small computers

The latest category that can be introduced for different types of computers, including small computers, including mini computers, can be found in government and university business centers. The volume of information and their information processing is average in this type of environment.Small computers are a combination of the proper and coordinated performance of its components along with its high power, which is open to be used by users. Of course, the main feature of these computers can be its very low power consumption along with its small volume. Of course, one of its most important features is the removal of the case, which has been opened to take up less space and space, and reduces the cost of electricity consumption and maintenance and even its repair costs for people, and compared to the maintenance of personal computers. It costs less and is more convenient.

Other features of this type of computer include the use of high-speed memory such as Ssd and M2 memory, which can support even a few powerful screens.These types of computers themselves have many applications for users and individuals, including its applications can be expressed for the compilation of content and heavy graphics processing, which due to its very important performance when working on photos or making animations. It provides people with a very important and powerful space that is also of very high quality.Of course, this type of computer is used for heavy processing and a lot of business affairs due to the ability to connect several monitors simultaneously.

Other applications of these computers can be introduced for mini PC games that other computer game enthusiasts can use the versions of this type of computer for games that are made for it.Therefore, according to the different categories that were stated for computers and its different types, you can easily understand that computers have different types and each of them is used for specific applications. By reading this article, people can easily meet their needs. Recognize and prepare and buy the computers they need along the way. Of course, it should be said that computers have a very important role in speeding up the affairs of people and their existence in today’s society is necessary for their affairs and without Having a computer can not do many things.

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