Types of cell formats

Types of cell formats


Types of cell formats

Types of cell formats, according to the basic principles that exist for cell format in Excel software, in this article we have tried to provide you with these principles for numbers, texts and even currency, percentage, numbers Learn about accounting and scientific symbols, as well as other things that exist, so that you can have and use quick methods for formatting cells in different versions of Excel.

In Excel software, there is a section called the cell format window, which according to the name given in this section, you can see that all the settings for the format, shape, appearance, color and frame setting for the content of the cells exist. Can be determined in this section.

You can also enter your settings for cells from this section, and since you can specify all the changes according to your needs in this section for your data and forms, so as one of the sections It is very important in Excel software. Knowing this part is an important thing that you can easily convert other numeric and historical formats to other formats by referring to this section to adjust the text in the cell or rotate the text and Other things can be used in this section.

In general, by referring to the cell format window, the user can change the type of data displayed in the cell in a customized way, and can specify the number of digits after the display in this section, and you can remove them in general. And you can put many other changes and settings in this section for your data in the cells. Now more to be able to refer to this window and the various sections and settings placed in it for Introduce you to join us to benefit from this training.

Types of cell formats

How to access the window A variety of cell formats

Types of cell formats – In order to access the formats window in Excel software, in which all its different parts and sections are revealed to you, and to use it in changing the cells and their content, by running Excel software, you must Go to the main menu in this software and you will see different tabs in this menu.

By going to the Home tab, you have to click on one of these options on the small arrow that is placed next to the font or alignment or number group, and you can select any of them, then it will cause the window The cell format is enabled for you. Of course, other methods that you can refer to this window and this section include the fact that you can press Ctrl + 1 at the same time, or you can also Refer to this section by selecting the three keys Ctrl + shift + f at the same time.

Another way to refer to this section is by selecting the selected cell or columns in Excel, which you right-click on and select the format cells option in the displayed list, and so on. According to any of these methods, you can refer to this section.

Introducing different window sections of different cell format formats

In the cell format section, there are different sections, each of which includes different and different functions. In this section, we have tried to introduce each of these sections so that we can provide you with a general function. Introduce them and if necessary, by reading this section, you can use it in your documents.

Section number

Types of cell formats – Through the number tab, you can use your desired format in terms of numerical, historical, monetary, time, percentage or fractional formats, and even scientific symbols and accounting or textual number formats, and the option The formatting options in this section are completely different depending on the category selected.

In other words, this section is used to be able to do automatic formatting of numbers or to do automatic and automatic change of formats with Excel, also to be able to internal format the numbers with formatting Do numbers This section can be used.

Types of cell formats

This section is placed in the cell format window as the most important part of it, which is also very useful, and using its options, after selecting each one, you must immediately select the enter key from your keyboard to cause The changes themselves are taken into account. This section itself has different sections and the first option of this section also includes general, this option is used by default for all worksheets, that is, when you enter data in If you put a cell, if it is a decimal, put it as an integer.

Format number

Types of cell formats – By selecting this type of format in the window displayed for that user can make changes equal to the decimal places for the number of decimal places and display them, or can even use the Separator to hide or show thousands of separators. Can also use certain formats for negative numbers.

Currency and accounting formats

Types of cell formats – Through the currency format you can use the currency symbol or a special format for negative numbers or also to display the number of decimal places and through the accounting format to be able to determine the negative numbers forever in such a way that Can be used to be displayed in parentheses.

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