The difference between Linux and Windows

The difference between Linux and Windows


The difference between Linux and Windows

 The difference between Linux and Windows is one of the important issues that many people when using the Windows operating system in their work and system environments and decide to move to the Linux operating system environment for them this question and disgust Occur in them.

And to answer the question of this group of people to know what are the differences and scales for choosing their operating system can be achieved by reading this article. Before discussing the differences between the two operating systems, note that Linux itself is a kernel, which is actually the core of the operating system, and it can not be said that Linux itself is a Is operating system.

Therefore, with this justification, it should be said that by using this kernel and using open source tools, they turn it into an operating system, and through this, they have created different distributions of this operating system and made it available to people.

The difference between Linux and Windows

 difference between Linux and Windows

In fact, the Linux operating system, which is itself the most widely used and well-known open-source operating system, is a software that is installed under other software that is installed on systems and with You can use it to run all other software. Of course, it should also be noted that Linux is an operating system based on Unix and many of the maladies in it are very similar to Unix.

But Windows, which means window itself, is actually a type of software operating system that manages other resources and actions that are hardware and related to the desktop environment of people, and this type of operating system itself by Made by Microsoft and made available to the public. In previous decades, the Windows operating system has been the most common type of operating system available to other people and users, and it has been used extensively to guide the path of its goals, and it has a graphical interface. It allows users to view files and folders.

According to all the cases mentioned in this section, it is possible to introduce all the differences that exist between the two and has caused these two operating systems to have advantages and features that are superior to each of them. We have introduced and examined them in this section

Comparison and differences between Linux and Windows

Now, considering all the cases that were introduced in the previous sections, a part of Windows and Linux, in this section, we will compare them from different dimensions.

Execution level in Linux and Windows operating systems

 One of the things that exist in Linux and Windows operating systems includes running software in both environments. Using the Windows operating system when you run software in this environment if during the run with any If you encounter a problem, you will have to restart your system to restart it, in order to solve the problem and find the problem in this environment. But the main difference with the Linux operating system environment is that when you are running a program and any other action, due to the feature of the command line and its graphical user interface, people can quickly act at other different levels. To solve and fix the problem and then continue their work using the desired system.

The difference between Linux and Windows

Security feature and check it in Inox and Windows operating systems

One of the important features that are important for the operating system is to check whether they are hacked or not, which is actually due to the fact that there is an open-source feature in the Linux operating system. It has caused its security for people and users who use it to be very high and very rare for someone to be able to hack these types of operating systems. But in Windows, this feature does not exist, so it is easier to hack and its security is low for its users, and many hackers and viruses target this type of operating system.

Check the open source capability of Windows and Linux operating systems

 difference between Linux and Windows  – One of the main features of the Linux operating system is its open-source capability so that people and users who use this type of operating system can easily view these codes and their text. To. With this, people can easily make changes to these codes and design their desired operating system according to their needs and goals, and it is even possible to create a new distribution of this type of operating system. Sell ​​it. This is not the case in Windows, and people can not view any code in it and then make the necessary changes, and in fact, Windows is not open source at all. All the items and codes in it are not visible to people and when they use those people under its system, nothing that happens is visible to people.

Check the quality of Linux and Windows operating systems

The number of programmers who create the Linux operating system is about 4,000 programmers, and it has caused a large number of people and users around the world to create different versions of it.

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