How to subtract in Excel?

Subtraction in Excel


Subtraction in Excel

Subtraction in Excel, which is another very important mathematical calculation operation in Excel environment, and this operation is done using the minus sign and the function placed for it, and you can do it through various methods for it in the environment. Excel is there to easily do your calculations and benefit from the results.

Every user who starts working with Excel environment should be familiar with one of the most important and basic mathematical computational operations in this environment and learn it. These basic and practical operations include addition and subtraction operations and can be He said that these two operations in Excel environment are the basis of any other operation that you can learn in Excel.

Therefore, considering that the basis of people’s daily operations in their life and business is addition and subtraction, then you can easily use the methods that are included in it through them to subtract and subtract yourself. You can use this section without causing any particular problem or getting wrong numbers as a result.

Subtraction in Excel – It is possible for addition and subtraction topics and how to do them in Excel to seem simple and basic to many people. Note that if you can not do these two mathematical calculations correctly in this environment will cause The problem is in all subsequent operations that you use in this environment, so you can not use other operations in this environment properly until you do this operation properly.

Subtraction in Excel

Learn how to subtract in Excel and introduce its methods

Subtraction in Excel – Excel software is one of the most powerful and powerful software available among other spreadsheet software, which despite a very good organization in its environment allows users to manage their number data through the method. Control the different’s that exist and by starting to work with this software, they can benefit from its different methods.

Now, in this section and in the content posted, we will teach you how to subtract numbers using the methods available in this environment, the methods of which are very simple and easy, and you can easily use it for the section. Use the different methods that exist and get the result immediately and at a very short speed. A noteworthy point that we must specify for you at the beginning is that in Excel, in addition to the different methods for subtraction There are numbers and data, but one major drawback is the lack of a subtraction function.

Using the addition function, it is easy to get the sum of many numbers in the shortest possible time, but there is no such function for subtraction, and there is no convincing reason for its non-existence by Microsoft, but there is no need for There is no need to worry about this because there are various other methods in Excel that you can use for your subtraction operations. Another point that you should pay attention to in this section and then proceed to use the methods Subtract in the environment is that in all mathematical operations in Excel you can use the formula and always put the formulas in the cells, you must put the formula in the cell that you want to get the answer in that cell .

Also, the next point is that by using the subtraction operation, you can do it for only one cell or a range of cells, and finally note that the subtraction operation in Excel environment is displayed using the – sign. .

The first method of subtraction in Excel

Subtraction in Excel – One of the very simple shortcut methods in Excel is that you can actually use the addition operation, provided that in addition the addition of the second number is symmetrical. In fact, you can use the steps used for addition And place the second number symmetrically in your sum.

Right now, in order to be able to use the subtraction operation, click on the cell in which you want to see the result of the operation and select it, then to insert your formula, you must first do this with an equal sign. Because whatever formula you want to put in any cell in the Excel environment, you must first put an equal sign and then try to put the formula. In this way, Excel realizes that your goal is to put this equal for Putting a formula and calculating the numbers in it.

Subtraction in Excel

Subtraction in Excel – Now write your subtraction formula by placing an equal sign and finally you have to select the enter key from your keyboard to see the result. After selecting the enter key, Excel is immediately ready to perform the operation and the data in the environment The work is displayed through the formula placed for you in the output section.

A noteworthy point that you can use for this part is that when you put the subtraction formula in a cell, you can both use the address of the cells to reduce them and you can Use the numbers in it to mean that you can put the cell address of each cell in your subtraction operation, or put the numbers associated with each cell in this form and see the result.Subtraction in Excel 

The second method is subtracting several values ​​using the sum function

If you encounter costs when you want to reduce them from the original amount and left alone

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