sound cardSound card connections and interface

Sound card connections and interface


Sound card connections and interface

Sound card connections and interface, each of which includes completely different types, and we will introduce different types for connections separately as well as for sound card interfaces completely separately. Due to the fact that the sound card is a piece of hardware that is responsible for various operations, including recording, editing and even playing music and different types of sounds, it can be installed in people’s systems and There are different types.

Note that the sound card is one of the most important parts and components that is used in studios, and in the absence of that studio will face a big problem, another name given to this type of sound card is the audio interface. Be. In view of the above, it is difficult to choose a sound card that is suitable for the user, because the fact that different types of sound cards have been produced and offered, has caused users to choose a sound card. Problems with not being able to properly select the right sound card for your needs.

The only point that we mention in this section includes two points for buying and choosing a sound card that users should actually consider the number of inputs and outputs as well as the type of connection of a sound card. And due to the fact that the sound cards of different companies are different in these two features and characteristics, so when buying, you should pay close attention to these two items.

Because the type of connection of the sound card is different from some of them and they can not be easily connected to the computer, when you buy and choose a sound card, this feature should be considered and this is why in In this section, we have introduced the different types of connections that exist in the sound card and also along with its various interfaces.

Sound card connections and interface

Types of sound card interfaces in connections and sound card interfaces

Sound cards have different interfaces that are required to receive and record sounds through the sound card, the existence of these relationships, so we have introduced different types and each of them.

Input interface

One of the important interfaces that exist in the sound card and is included as one of its main parts is the input interface, through which it is used to enter information and data. Of course, this type of input interface also has different types.

Output relationship

Another type of interface that exists in sound cards and can be introduced includes the output interface, which is also for sending signals from the sound card to other devices and other outputs through the computer. In the sound card and through the output interface, one end of the cable is connected to the sound card and the other end is connected to other outputs such as speakers, headphones, or even stereo wires and through this, they play the sound.

Special CD audio interface

Another type of interface that exists is a special audio interface for CDs, which is used for communication between the turntable and the CD and even the sound card.

In fact, if this type of interface does not exist and does not establish this connection, audio CDs will not be played, and this in itself will cause the sound that is being played to be heard only through the phone’s outputs, such as headphones. In other words, this type of interface is like a connection between cd players and sound cards, and if this connection is not established, CDs will not be able to play.

Sound card connections and interface

Midi interface

 Finally, the next type includes this interface, which in general, most of the sound cards, or it can be said that almost all of them support this interface, and using this interface, you can easily edit notes. Created and even recorded by keyboards for midi keyboards. Of course, this type of interface is also called mid-game interface and has 15 bases, the general shape of which is the same as D, and through it, electronic organs and music can be downloaded and easily converted to CD files. Saved.

Types of sound card connections

Considering the different types of interfaces that we have introduced and each of which we have briefly described, we will now introduce the various connections that exist in the sound card, and through it, we must define the type of connection to the computers. Or specify other devices and then select the desired sound card. In fact, sound cards are provided to users with standard connections, but some of them do not have this type of standard connection, and for this reason, they should be introduced and informed so that if they buy the type Select the appropriate connection.

FireWire connection

One of the important connections that exist in sound cards includes this type of connection, which is one of the important advantages of this type of connection can be introduced to its stability, the degree of stability of this type of connection and its speed is very high. So that the stability of this type of connection is more than the USB connection that is introduced in the next section, and this has made this type of connection superior to the USB connection because with this type of connection, it is easy to record several The input used it simultaneously.

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