What is a smart object?

smart object in Photoshop


smart object in Photoshop

smart object in Photoshop, is another very important feature of Photoshop software that is used in the layers and is a layer that has many advantages over other ordinary layers and can be said That smart objects are in the form of a small file in the original document, meaning that a small file used in the original document is associated with pixels of the same original document so that changes can be made to it. create.

The meaning of smart objects in the term is introduced in such a way that it can be said that they are smart layers that are used as one of the most important and useful features of Photoshop software for image editing, and it can also be used in filters. It also used it without any loss of quality, which makes it possible for users to apply the desired changes to the image without reducing the quality and reducing the quality level of the images.

For this reason, due to their newness in Photoshop software, smart objects can be introduced as one of the well-known Photoshop templates that many users are not familiar with and can be said to be one They are lesser known features. In this section, we will get acquainted with the content and information related to the layers of smart objects and the advanced and practical features that exist in them, so that we can use them in editing our images in the best possible way.

What is a smart object in Photoshop or a smart object?

Smart objects are a kind of layer that by using it for your image without damaging it and putting negative features in your image, it will edit it and it can be said that the application of these layers In Photoshop, when you turn your layer into a smart object, it causes the contents of that layer to be stored completely separately.And by editing it, the possibility of changing and deleting it is eliminated, but at the same time, it is easy to save the desired changes in a way that can actually be said to be in the form of separate data, so By doing so, smart objects prevent the original image data, which is a layer of the image, from being corrupted and dropped, leaving a way for the user to remove the operation from their image if necessary.

smart object in Photoshop

smart object in Photoshop

In simpler terms, to introduce smart objects, we can say that sometimes its use in the Layers panel to create the necessary edits on your image, you will see a large number of layers that are in them. You do not need an image, so there are several ways to merge layers.One of the methods that can be used to merge additional image layers is to first select a number of them, then press the control and e keys at the same time, which causes this layer Merge, and this will cause the layers you merged and selected to become a flat layer, after which no editing can be made.

smart object in Photoshop – Another method that can be used to merge layers is to group the layers using the option icon, which is also located in the Layers panel, which contains parts of the selected layers. And the two mentioned are one of the best methods that can be used.But there is a better way than this and our recommendation is to use this method, which is the use of smart objects and when the user converts a number of layers into a smart object, he can easily It also changed its contents and put filters on it without changing the original layer.

An important feature of smart objects is their support for vector and raster images, in other words, they are also called pixel imaging. Vector images are the same images whose quality changes by resizing and enlarging their size. Does not decrease.

Reasons to use smart objects in Photoshop

So now you are familiar with smart objects and we have found out what a smart layer or smart objects is in Photoshop and how it works. Now one of the most important questions for users is the reasons for using it. It is one of the smart objects that can be referred to the presented materials to answer this question.

smart object in PhotoshopAbility to edit non-destructively

smart object in Photoshop – As mentioned above and in the explanations mentioned above, using smart objects, the content inside them does not change in any way and remains as it was, causing the content inside it in a Put another document.So for the changes made on it, it should be said that when there are changes in the smart object, in fact, these changes are on another layer that is in the main document, but the desired changes are not in the smart object layer itself. This feature and feature in Photoshop makes the user do not spoil or lose his image by doing any kind of editing on another image, and in fact it should be said that it causes Create non-destructive edits on your images.

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