Small computers

Small computers


Small computers

Small computers are a series of computers, which are also called minicomputers, and in this article we have tried to introduce this type of computer along with other benefits and uses of different types of this type of computer for people.To introduce this type of small computers, which are also called mini-computers, it should be said that they are a type of computer that uses the coordination of all the components in this computer to create a very suitable and high performance with its high power for people. In addition to these arrangements, it has very low power consumption, which has led to lower power consumption costs as well as maintenance costs for users and people who use it.Of course, there are other advantages of these computers compared to other computers for people, which will be briefly given below for its applications.

What are small computers?

Computers used to go through a very long process in the past to reach what we now have and use, given that at first computers had very large volumes with very high weight and speed. Data and information processing was also low, but today and over time, computers have seen various forms that can now be addressed to a very important and practical type, which is also known as computer avalanche. Having a very small volume has deprived people of having cases that cause the environment and space to fit.Due to the capabilities used in the memory of this type of computer, it has made it much faster than other computers. We can mention the very fast memory of ssd and m2, according to which in this type of computers, several can be simultaneously Cover the screen without slowing it down.

Due to the fact that computers and its use has become a necessity for everyone. We are often faced with the fact that computers, due to their large cases, create a lot of space for themselves, which is one of their main problems. In addition, there is a lot of electricity and energy consumption in them, so people have sought to develop computers in its current form to cover these shortcomings and at the same time design their own central processing unit to save energy costs. I did.

Therefore, according to the above, we can mention the advantages of these computers in its small volume and saving energy and electricity consumption and its very high operating speed. A clear example of this type of computer can be mentioned in an environment such as a The Internet cafe environment where there are a lot of computers takes up a lot of space so people can use these computers instead of their other computers which reduces the occupied volume very much and of course these computers have all the capabilities It has a normal computer with it.Other features of this computer can be USB ports or LAN ports, as well as HDMI output, and of course, they also have Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and headphones, and this type of computer can be easily used in any matter.

Small computers

Application of small computers

According to the advantages mentioned for this type of computer, its use can be mentioned in daily life and in the parts that are used, which you can read more about in order to get acquainted with them.

Use of small computers for personal consumption

The main use of this type of computer for people can be in surfing the web and surfing the Internet or watching movies and playing music, as well as other personal items that people use, which in popular versions of this type of computer for this type of use. They can be of different types with core i3 and core i5 processors.The main role of this type of computer in people’s personal consumption can be described as a very powerful home theater with which it can be played, as well as other favorite movies in 4k quality, and given that in These computers are video output ports such as HDMI and VGA, which most embryos are equipped with, and make the images provided to people with a very high quality. Many people use this type of computer next to their TVs and even for beauty because of its beautiful shape and appearance.

Using these types of computers to compile heavy content and graphics processing

These computers, due to the great power and speed that it creates for the user while working on photos and images, as well as for making animations, are like a very powerful system that provides and operates high quality images, and one One of the prominent features of this computer is using it and connecting several monitors and screens to it at the same time, which causes it to provide heavy graphic processing and professional work for the user without slowing down the work process. It is used as a very powerful tool for content editing.

Use of small computers in office and related work

There is a type of computer that takes up as much space as the palm of your hand, and people in the workplace can easily place it next to themselves or at their desk, or they can even place it with Attach special pins to your monitor screen and back. With this device, less extra wires and cables can be seen in the rooms, which gives it a lot of beauty. In fact, these computers are the best option and the best model for people for companies and office environments according to its different examples.

Using small computers among gamers and playing computer games using it

There are several examples of this and computers that are for people who use it for computer games. The famous example is the 6th generation Intel PC in the kyk version, which has a graphics processor and a large number of ports. It is one of the computers that has aroused a lot of fans and has caused people who are interested in computer games to use various versions of the game, which are also very small.

Use of small computers for conferences and other meetings of individuals

One of the most common problems faced by network administrators is that it is more difficult to solve due to the vastness of the networks and the number of equipment used in it, as well as the number of users and other issues. And it is more complex, so considering that this type of computer provides users with very easy and simple maintenance, it can be used for their work in large networks that are much more efficient than ordinary computers. In fact, these computers are the best option for conducting network conferences with a large number of users. Given that it provides the ability to connect multiple screens to people simultaneously, this feature can be used in conferences and Monitoring should be given special attention.

Use of small computers for organizational purposes

Due to the fact that the maintenance of this type of computer, in addition to a lot of power and functional capabilities that it constantly creates for people, has been introduced as one of the most useful tools for companies and organizations, which can Ability to connect projectors to videos, images, which with the very low sound of this type of computer has made it an important feature for organizations and they can easily use it in their work environment.

Use of small computers for CCTV cameras as well as other traffic control cameras

The type of properties of this type of computer are known as Intel mini PCs. It is one of the most useful tools for controlling the environment using CCTV cameras, which due to the fact that the use of this type of computer has the storage and transmission of CCTV information as well as traffic control cameras 24 hours a day in They have a very good performance for very long periods of time. It is the best option for people and it is widely used in traffic control and traffic control cameras.

Small computers

Using small computers to build intelligent robots and robotics in general

One of the most suitable features of this type of computer is the ability to detach its frame along with using and benefiting from its very powerful graphics processor, especially in all types of Intel mini-PCs, which also have cooling and Suitable fans that have a very low volume, which is one of the best tools for face recognition and routing, in fact, the use of this type of computer in ligaments and robotic services due to the fact that a lot of time with The light weight and volume that it has in robots and artificial intelligence has greatly affected people.

Use of small computers in digital kiosks

One of the most common uses for this type of computer is for digital kiosks, which are usually placed in other busy places. From different types of different places, we can mention airports and other very big stores or big hotels and restaurants, which with their small dimensions and very beautiful and small designs, have caused people to limit the use of computers for Reduce themselves and make more use of them in various fields.

Therefore, according to the items discussed in this article, it is easy to take advantage of this type of computer, which includes support for multiple screens and monitors at the same time without any problems, as well as its very high setup speed, along with these costs. It is low and easy to maintain and repair, but there are other benefits that can be introduced for this type of computer. Its small size and placement and placing it next to desks or placing it behind monitors is also the reason for its very powerful hardware has become one of the most important computers. Of course, other advantages of these computers include the ability to turn it on 24 hours a day, which leaders do without entering the line. Also, these computers have a sturdy and very suitable body with very little noise. The installation and operation of this type of computer is very simple and does not require special action and training to use it.

One of the most important advantages of this type of computer can be attributed to one of its capabilities, which has many ports that allow you to easily connect other peripherals to it and use it at the same time.These small computers are easily accessible and people can buy the desired sample from the appropriate stores of the type of different types that are offered for it and use it for their personal use.Therefore, according to the contents of this article, you can easily get acquainted with these computers and use different types for their personal use.

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