Search and replace in Excel

Search and replace in Excel


Search and replace in Excel

Search and replace in Excel is one of the most important features of Excel software and in general any kind of software through which you can quickly find certain parts of your text and data and you can immediately Move the desired part with another text. If you are careful to be in any part of the system, selecting the control keys and F or control keys and H will make it easy to find the part you want Find and get to that part through the find operation. But the point is that this method in Excel can be time consuming because when you use this method to The small change that takes place in the worksheet is that you need to use the functions that are embedded in Excel to make these changes.

And through that, use the search operation and also the replacement operation in a formula, it will increase the accuracy of your search operation with its replacement, and also increase the speed of the search and replacement operation. In addition to all this, using this method makes it possible for all users to perform their own calculations using the materials found. Therefore, according to the explanations mentioned, in order to To be able to use search and replace functions in Excel environment, you should be familiar with several of these functions that are in the environment, and through this, use them with full knowledge in Excel environment, and act quickly on your activity. Perform your operations as soon as possible. Therefore, in this section, by introducing the find and Search functions in Excel software, we will acquaint you with the benefits of using these functions, and through them you can easily Search for the value in the field you want and move it to other values, so for how to use Join us for ten of these two functions. Search and replace in Excel

Search and replace in Excel

Introducing the find and Search function or the search and replace function in Excel

In order to be able to use this function in Excel and easily find the desired values ​​through it and move it to other values, you must first get acquainted with each of these functions in general and how it works. Know with it too. Therefore, in this section, we will teach how to use each of these two functions by introducing them one by one.

Search function find

Search and replace in Excel – When you select and use this function, you will be able to find the position in your text based on both number and word, and when you use this function, space or space as one of Characters are considered. In general, the syntax of the find function is FIND (find_text, within_text, [start_num]). Considering the written form for this function, it is clear that the first two parameters are necessary in writing it, but the third parameter is a completely optional parameter. And to introduce each of these parameters, pay attention to the following.

Find_text parameter: Through this parameter, according to its name, it should be said that you can easily search for your desired text and find it, and considering that this parameter is text, so you should also use text to search. You can search for the cell in which the text is located through the text and find it, and when using this type of parameter, you must put all your letters and words inside the two symbols “” to Excel to find out if your search is textual. Parameter within_text: This parameter, which is another search parameter in this section, allows you to search for a text string or the cell address in which the search is performed. Write Gird in this parameter. The searched parameters are displayed based on the position of the number of letters from left to right as an output function.

The start_nom parameter: and the last variable of this section, which is completely optional and can be used or not, includes the item that specifies that the search should start with a few letters within_text. The default value in This field is placed and the two numbers are 1, which means that the place to start the search from the parameter within_text is done from the first letter, and if you put any number in this field, the search starts from the same letter. Note that using and setting the start_nom parameter will change only the starting point of your search, but the position declared in it is from the beginning of the text within_text.

Important points of using the find and search and replace function in Excel

Search and replace in Excel  – Note that when using the find function, you should pay attention to the uppercase and lowercase Latin letters because this function is sensitive to uppercase and lowercase Latin letters. So when finding the text you want, pay attention to the uppercase and lowercase Latin letters with the #VALUE error! Do not encounter.

Search and replace in Excel

Another important point to note is the use of symbols that include the * and? Is not correct in the find function and you should not use these symbols. Also, the position displayed by the find function is related to the first letter of the find_text statement. If the find function does not contain the find_text parameter values ​​in the expression within_text You will see the #value error as well if the number is over

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