Run a Linux program on Windows

Run a Linux program on Windows


Run a Linux program on Windows

Run a Linux program on Windows is another important step that when people have not yet experienced the Linux environment, they create an environment in Windows through which it can run all the programs in the Linux environment for themselves and with Use it to get acquainted with this environment, and in the future, if you want to criticize the Linux operating system, enter this environment with initial familiarity.

There are many different ways to run Linux software on the Windows environment that people can easily use any of these methods to install a program whose operating system is Linux in a simple way on your Windows environment And after performing it, do other things with it, so stay tuned to learn the above methods.

How to run a Linux program on Windows

There are different ways to run Linux software in the Windows environment that each person can install according to their needs and according to the convenience of using each of these methods. Make software that is Linux operating systems and install in Windows environment.The first method introduced in this section is using virtual machines

Run a Linux program on Windows

The basic question for people is what are virtual machines and how does it cause the installation of software whose operating system is Linux to be installed in Windows environment? To answer this question, it must be said that virtual machines themselves These include software that allows individuals and users to install software that is equipped with any type of operating system in other operating systems. In other words, people can use the software even using these virtual machines. Those whose operating system is Mac and install in Windows and Linux environments or install Windows environment software in Linux environment, so virtual machines are used for all methods.

In simpler terms, virtual machines are one of the virtual simulation software that people can easily install Linux on Windows, and for users who regularly use Linux alongside Windows can use Use these emulators and virtual machines in Windows from this environment.

Run a Linux program on Windows

Therefore, it should be noted that for virtual machines that are software itself, these types of virtual machines are different and different software, and the most famous of them is virtualbox or even VMware player, which uses these two. Software People can easily install other software in the Linux environment, even software that you can hardly find in the Windows environment.

To install the Linux operating system in a Windows environment where people can easily use the Linux operating system with their Windows, it is enough to visit the official site of Ubuntu, one of the most famous distributions of the Linux operating system. Download the ISO file from the Ubuntu site And then install it on your virtual machine so that people and users can see that they have an Ubuntu operating system, which is one of the Linux operating systems, next to their Windows operating system.

The noteworthy point that should be mentioned in this section is that many people and I am worried that their software and environment in any of the operating systems that run will have problems and causes that Another operating system environment should be opened to clarify this issue, you should not have any worries about this issue, because after running this file on your Maserati machine and installing the Linux operating system, no damage will be done to your operating system. It does not, and when you try to open one of the related software and files in any environment, it will easily open on a completely separate page of your operating system.

Run a Linux program on Windows

Of course, the only drawback that can be introduced to this feature in this section is for people whose system hardware does not have high power, in this case, they will face slowness while working with virtual machines.

After installing the desired operating system, you can easily install your desired program and software in this environment and easily use it in this section, so that the software of your religious environment is completely directly on the Windows desktop. You can run it yourself, so note that this software is still running on the virtual machine and on it, but the important point is that the software window that opens for you is completely separate from the machine Is your virtual and is displayed on the desktop Windows environment for people.

The second method without the use of virtual machines

Another method that has been introduced to you in this section is to run Linux programs and software in the Windows environment without using the virtual machines mentioned in the previous section. In this method, which has been running for Windows since 2018. 10 has been added, including Windows subsystem for Linux, which was added to this feature when fall Creators was updated, and people can easily use Linux software. Install and run next to Windows.

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