Eliminate facial wrinkles

Retouch facial wrinkles


Retouch facial wrinkles

Retouch facial wrinkles – , and removing or erasing wrinkles on the face is one of the most important issues that has become a concern for many people who go to the studios and take photos of Hayek from Photographers themselves request the retouching of wrinkles on the face.

This has made it important for photographers to use Photoshop to retouch faces and remove wrinkles on the face, using the important features of using Photoshop.Considering that removing and arranging facial wrinkles is one of the delicate and sensitive actions, the user and the people who try to do such things must have a sufficient mastery to remove them naturally. This will allow the other audience who sees the image to realize that it is normal and not see it as an unusual work and an unusual image for them.

The user should note that wrinkles should be removed completely as this will make the face abnormal, so by erasing them, it will be possible to lighten the wrinkles on the face and blur the image.

Retouch facial wrinkles

Note that some of the wrinkles on the face or the blackness and dimples that have formed under the eyes or the inappropriate light on the face to retouch it and blur these things work for people It seems a little harder.

Retouch facial wrinkles

But still, using the tutorials and methods that we have put in this section, you can easily learn the methods of retouching and erasing the wrinkles on the face, and by using them for your images, the above actions Do it, and being difficult does not mean failing.Retouching and smoothing the wrinkles on the face has been introduced as one of the ways to reduce pain for the skin, which the user has tried to smooth and remove the wrinkles and stretch marks on his face without feeling any pain. He tries to straighten his face like his youth.

Learn to retouch facial wrinkles and remove all facial wrinkles

Retouch facial wrinkles – In order to be able to erase the wrinkles on the face in Photoshop software using the tools in it, you should use the tutorials provided for you in this section by practicing a lot and Constantly use these tools, which are also one of the very simple tools of Photoshop, to do these things and remove the wrinkles in the image.

Then, after a while, you will easily achieve its skill and you can easily do any kind of face retouching in this skill with complete mastery. To do and remove facial wrinkles, you must follow the steps introduced below. Do all the steps step by step.

So first open the Photoshop software and use the control keys as well as the O key to select the image of your chosen face from this section and view it in Photoshop so that all other actions can be taken to Retouch the image and apply it.There are other ways to open the image in Photoshop that the user can use any of the methods he wants to open his image in Photoshop and then continue the steps to retouch.

Retouch facial wrinkles

The first step is to create a blank layer

Immediately after opening your selected image in Photoshop, in the Layers panel, if you notice, you will see a layer where your image is placed in the background layer and is also known as the background layer. Has been.Usually next to this background layer there is a lock icon which by double-clicking on it and then selecting the OK option will cause the layer to be unlocked and can be copied from the layer and other actions Did.

Retouch facial wrinkles – So in the first step you have to create a blank layer that you can use different methods to create your blank layer in this section, in this section we will introduce you to two methods.This includes right-clicking on the background layer in the menu that appears to select the Duplicate option, which allows you to make a copy of your layer and place it on top of the main layer. It will be given.

Another way to select this layer and copy it is to hold your finger on the Alt key on the keyboard and drag it to the background layer. Drag the icon at the bottom of the Layers panel.The icon is in the form of a piece of paper with one side folded and the name of the option is new layer. Drag and drag it, then release it on the desired icon. Using this action, you can easily add a layer. A new one is created for you which is placed as a blank layer.Of course, using any of these methods, after doing and copying the desired layer, a window will be displayed in which you will be asked to enter the name of the copy layer and in it a The name is placed by default.

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