Restore images in Photoshop

Restore images in Photoshop


Restore images in Photoshop

Restore images in PhotoshopImage restoration in Photoshop is one of the most important and useful features that can be used in Photoshop software for your old images. It is very common for all users to have photos and images that are old, and if you take a picture of these images, spots or lines up to your image will be displayed on their image, or even because they are old. The quality of the image has been reduced and the attractiveness of the desired photo has been lost.

Therefore, to repair such images, you can use the techniques and tricks that have been taught in this section to reconstruct this category of images, so that very old photos can be brought to the best quality and they can be Have at your disposal.Therefore, in order to keep such very old photos for a long time, in this section, we have taught you the methods of recovering and restoring old photos, which you can use to retouch your photos and damaged parts. Used in the image.

Restore images in Photoshop

There are many tools in Photoshop software that can be used for damaged and lost parts of the image, as well as repairing this group of old images, so given that these tools and The methods of using them are also simple and can be used easily and without any complexity.The important thing is that each of these tools should be used when and for what purpose to restore the image, so that you can easily distinguish between tools in Photoshop for image restoration. He realized that in order to be able to choose the best type when retouching their images, they should first introduce the methods of using them so that their use can be mentioned in the descriptions.

Restore images in Photoshop

Introducing image restoration tools in Photoshop

Restore images in Photoshop – In order for the final result in your image to be displayed in a completely professional way and in such a way that the repaired operation is not clear in any way, you must perform your operation in such a way that the texture of your image is not damaged and It should be displayed as it was, so first we briefly introduce the image retouching tools, then we retouch an old image and restore it.

The first spot healing brush tool

An important feature of this tool and its capabilities that can be used to repair and reconstruct parts of the image is that without the need to sample the part Only by clicking on the damaged parts of your image, you can use the textures next to the damaged part according to the type of color that is around it. You and the texture do it along with its color.This type of tool is suitable for parts of your image where the damaged part is small, and in fact, it can be said that this tool is very suitable for spots or small spots or scaling of parts of the face and faces in the image. And its selection in small parts is the most appropriate type of selection.

The second healing brush tool

Restore images in Photoshop – An important feature of using this tool, which is used to retouch and repair damaged tissues in your image, is that before using this tool, you must have a sample of healthy and appropriate parts of your image. For example, select and then repair the selected healthy sample on the damaged parts. This makes the difference in using this tool compared to previous tools because the performance of these tools are completely similar and only The difference between them is in sampling at this stage.

The tools introduced so far are like a brush that the user can change the size and type of brush according to the settings window that exists for it and with any of them that is more appropriate. And there is a suitable size and hardness for the desired brush, it can choose the tip in the best and most appropriate way, and it can be used to sample and repair damaged parts.

Restore images in Photoshop

Patch tool

Another tool that exists in this section and is introduced for image reconstruction, through which damaged tissues can be repaired, includes this type of tool, which is suitable for use in cases where the damaged area of ​​the image is damaged. You should be large and large or the shape in it so that the user can not retouch it using the brush tool.

Restore images in Photoshop – It then selects this tool and uses it to select the area of ​​your image whose texture is damaged, and then by clicking on the inside of the selected area and easily dragging Doing that part of the image texture opens on healthy tissues and the healthy tissue of your image is found on the affected areas and placed on it and thus shows its function on your image.An important feature of using this tool is that this tool also when you select the damaged parts and using the appropriate measures in it, causes the healthy area to replace the damaged area. And completely automatically merges the colors of the two parts

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