Fix red eyes in pictures

Remove red eyes


Remove red eyes

Remove red eyes is one of the things that many people encounter in their images, and such images in which a person’s eyes are displayed in red occur when they are in a dark place away from their camera flash. Use causes the eyes to appear red in the image, and in fact the pupil of the eye changes to red, thus losing its natural color.

This happens when the pupil of the eye, instead of showing its natural color in the image and the time of photography, puts a light red shadow on it and displays it in this way, causing the beauty of the image to be lost. Becomes.Redness of people’s eyes in the image is known as one of the problems that with the use of Photoshop and according to the tools that are available to edit images in it, the user can easily solve his problem and retouch it. Slow and create other retouches on your image.

Note that many software are designed for this type of cases and editing people’s images, and the user can also use this software. In this section, we also use Photoshop to deal with this We will introduce the types of problems in the images.This problem, which can be solved today with the use of special software and with great speed, was known as one of their great problems in the past when photographers took photos, and now, despite a very simple digital solution. It can be easily fixed.

Red eye factors

Remove red eyes – But the important point in this section, which is addressed first, includes the red-eye factors, which, as mentioned in the above sections, if shooting in a dark place using your camera flash It causes redness in the eyes. There are other reasons for this, some of which are mentioned in this section.Therefore, it should be said that the main and main reason that causes redness of the eye in the image is shooting in dark places or places where the light is low and when the photographer takes a flash while shooting Uses This problem arises.

Remove red eyes

The scientific reason for this can also be explained by the fact that the flash light of your camera or phone enters through the pupil of the eye and after this light enters the pupil of the eye using the blood vessels in the back. The pupil reflects it, which causes the pupil to become red.

Remove red eyes

Being close to a camera that flashes in low light can also cause redness of the eyes, and these conditions are more common for smartphones that have a camera, and by using the flash light, its light reaches the pupil of the eye. It sends and causes it to be placed unrealistically.If you do not want red eyes to appear in your image, you should not use the flashes of your mobile phone camera or even the flashes of video and photo cameras, and instead you should use the flashes that point to the camera. You do not connect or shoot without flashing.

However, if you still have an image that is affected by the factors mentioned above, your eye is red in the relevant photo, do not worry, because using the features of Photoshop and the tools in it, you can easily remove redness of the eye. Therefore, for the methods introduced in Photoshop, which has several tools for each of its methods, you can use them in this section.

Remove red eye using the red eye tool

Remove red eyes – Many times the user inevitably uses the flash of his camera or mobile phone to take pictures, so at this time, due to redness in the eyes, he must use the tools in Photoshop or other software. Another used to edit the resulting images and remove the redness in it, but the simplest way to remove redness of the eye and do so very quickly and also most easily The possible shape is done using the red eye tool Photoshop.

Remove red eyes

Now run the Photoshop software first and use the methods that are used to put the images in Photoshop. The simplest way is to put your image in Photoshop in such a way that the control keys and o By selecting these keys at the same time, you can select your desired image and place it in Photoshop so that your image will run in Photoshop.

Remove red eyes – Now the user must first make a copy of the desired layer from the layer that is placed as the main layer or background in the Layers panel. The reason for this can be stated as follows: To edit your images in Photoshop, whatever tool you use, it is better to make the relevant changes on a layer of the image, so that if you make these changes and include them on the image, if you want to use it. You could not easily damage your original image by deleting it, and you can access it again as it was, and in the continuation of the steps, other changes can be applied to it.

Of course, some of the tools in Photoshop, when using them, completely intelligently perform the relevant actions on one layer.

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