Remove program in Windows

Remove program in Windows


Remove program in Windows

Remove program in Windows – Uninstalling a program in Windows is one of the steps that all users of Windows and this operating system should be familiar with. Because in most cases, people surf the web with the ads that are seen on these pages. Unintentionally, by selecting each page, the desired program is automatically installed on the system. These programs can both misuse and access personal information, as well as slow down people’s systems, and yet they can not easily use their system properly.

Due to these cases and other reasons that exist and people despite these reasons can remove the installation on their system and through all the additional programs that are only on their system. They reduce the speed of the system and have no efficiency for the person. They can use these measures to remove it and delete it from their system in general. In general, many people, due to their interest in installing various types of software on their system, try to remove additional software on the system, but either could not remove the software or at the time Deleting it can not properly perform the related actions. So for how to do and remove a number of additional software that is on your system and their presence will only slow down the system. They can be removed by studying this article correctly. Of course, note that uninstalling the program is indifferent to windows, and in this article, removing software in different windows is discussed separately.

Remove the program in Windows and how to do it

Uninstall programs in Windows 7

The first part of the tutorial is to remove the software on your systems using Windows 7. In this operating system and on your computer, refer to the Start menu. Then in this menu, you should refer to your control panel, and then in the page that is displayed, you should select the Programs And Features option from all the options on this page. After clicking on the above option, you will see that a list of all the software that is installed on the system of people is displayed, and in this section, you can enter the name of your favorite software that you want to install in the system. Disable yourself, find it and then after selecting it, click on the Uninstall option. A message for people is now displayed in a small window stating that you are sure to delete the relevant software. In this section, after making sure to uninstall it, you must select the Yes option to uninstall it immediately from the system. Uninstalling the software will end in a green bar that will be completed in a limited time, and after that, a message will be displayed to the people stating that the uninstallation of your software has been completed successfully. And in this section, you must select the Ok option.

Uninstall programs in Windows 8

To remove software and programs installed on your system in Windows 8, you can easily remove them by going to your Start menu on your system. In this section, you will see all the programs that are installed on your system and right-click on it to find the program you want. Then select the uninstall option in the menu that appears, this will remove your program and software. Of course, the point here is that in many cases, people try to use your system who do not know how to use and work with Windows 8 and using this action incorrectly software Delete your programs, which in this Windows has created a trick for its users that can be used to prevent the removal of programs.

To remove other additional software that is installed on the system, you can do the same as uninstalling the program in Windows 7, and the only difference in Windows 8 is that in Windows 8 there is no start menu and people can They can enter their control panel directly. In this section, you must select the Programs and Features option. Then on the next page, by selecting the program you want and right-clicking on it, select the uninstall option, and the continuation of the process is the same as the cases discussed above.

Remove program in Windows

Uninstall programs in Windows 10

But the next part that is said to remove software installation is to remove programs in Windows 10. In this Windows, people can delete their software in two ways, and in this article, we have described both methods. The first way to remove software in Windows 10 that has been populated is to use the Control Panel menu. This method is the same as other windows and does not differ much from them. This method is the most common method among users and they use it to delete their software. In Windows 10, like other Windows, you can not search the Control Panel directly from the Start menu and find it in this section, but in Windows 10, to find the Control Panel, you must go through Cortana.

Therefore, after referring to the Control Panel section through Cortana, now in the next step, you should refer to another section, which includes Programs and Features. Then in this section you can see the list of names of all programs that are installed on your system.The continuation of the steps is the same as the methods of uninstalling the program in other windows, which only by selecting it, you must select the Uninstall option and thus remove the additional software of your system.But there is another way for users to uninstall software in Windows 10. Using the Settings app, which is one of the new methods of Microsoft, which in 2015 first announced that it decided to remove the control panel menu from its system, but despite the problems of this Action is not possible.

Therefore, to use this method, you can do this by first referring to the Settings section of your system. Then in this section, you should refer to the section that exists and includes Apps. Next, in this section, you must select the Apps and Features option.After selecting the above option, you will see a list of all the software installed on the system in the corresponding section. In this section, other information can be obtained from the software, including the exact date of installation of the software. Through the filters that are placed at the top of this section, you can also change the way the categories and the order of their display using those filters.After all the above, select it to uninstall the relevant software, then select the Uninstall option to uninstall it, and this will remove the program.

Uninstall a program in Windows using third-party software

The point here is that one of the features that Windows 10 has created for users and the hardware they use, and it has been released, is that people can use the software. Some of which we introduce in this section should remove the installation of their software.These software that are provided to users along with all the above steps to uninstall the software include Revo Uninstaller, CCleaner, IObit. When users use this software next to their system to uninstall programs, they face the problem that uninstalling programs in Windows 10 does not happen well.

Remove program in Windows

Because with the removal of programs in Windows 10 using system methods in it for some software in them can not delete their registry entries or in other cases can not delete its system files And in other cases can not solve some other problems. Therefore, using the software that was introduced and is the best software of its kind to remove programs can be used.Another feature that exists in the use of these softwares and it can be considered that in some cases when installing software can not be deleted. Therefore, when you encounter this problem, you can use these third-party software to remove the software you want and take the resulting problems for yourself.

The introduction of how to remove these softwares is as follows:

Remove program in Windows – To use Revo Uninstaller software, which has both free and professional versions, and people can not completely remove a software when using the free version, and only add folders and files. Remove it and in the paid version, the relevant software can be removed completely.Another software that is used to remove programs in the system and can be used to quickly remove all software that is not usable in the system is CCleaner.

Of course, due to the fact that this program is an advertising software, many users are not interested in using it, but it should be noted that the capabilities of this program are many and can be used by running this option. Select Tools and then in the Uninstall section, view the system programs that it displays to users and delete them in this section, and select the Uninstall option by clicking on the relevant software.But the last software that is suggested in this section for users and deleting their programs in the system is using IObit software, which should be noted that this case has a lot of software and to name it The purpose is to use Advanced SystemCare 12 software. The way to use it is like the free version of Revo Uninstaller software, which are very similar to each other, and in this software, it completely removes all the desired names of people.Therefore, using the methods mentioned in this article, people can easily remove the software. People can delete all the software that is unusable in their system and has slowed down the system.

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