Reduce the size of images

Reduce the size of images


Reduce the size of images

Reducing the size of images, along with compressing them so that the size does not change is one of the problems and concerns of other people who encounter this problem when uploading images.

Especially as one of the main concerns of site owners, which is due to the fact that the use and popularity of images in the web world have greatly increased, and in these images can easily receive thousands of words and letters. Therefore, it is one of the cases that has many uses on the web and has made site owners use one of the main problems in using images that have a large volume and has faced them with these cases. Is.

Considering that the higher the volume of an image, it is quite clear that its quality is also high, but in this section and in the tutorial placed in this section, we tried to introduce methods to you to reduce the volume. We will teach you this method without compromising the quality of the image so that you can use it when necessary.

Reducing the size of images

Many times it is possible for the user to upload a photo of himself to a site so that he can use the relevant site or they want to send it to their friends via email and usually take their pictures with the camera. They have recorded their mobile phones or camcorders.

However, due to the high volume of the photo in question, they could not register on these sites, upload their photo to that site, or send their pictures via email, so there are ways for this group of people and other people. Through which they can create high-quality images and low volumes and place them on sites.

Reduce the size of images

They should be able to use tricks and techniques to reduce the volume of the desired image without compromising its quality, store it in your system and use it in other cases. Therefore, in this section and in this article, we have tried to examine other factors that affect the volume of images, and finally, by examining these cases, the method through which it causes the least reduction in image quality By reducing its volume, we will teach you to create.

Learn how to resize and reduce the size of images in Photoshop

In order to be able to reduce the size of your images in Photoshop software in such a way that the quality in it does not change or has the slightest change, it is better to do the following steps correctly to get the result Benefit from it.

first stage

At this stage, the user must run Photoshop software and use the methods to insert the image in Photoshop software to put the desired photo in this software. If you use this tutorial to learn so that you can easily reduce the size of your images in the future, it is better to select the image that has a large volume in this section to see the result correctly. do.

second stage

Reducing the size of images – Now, due to the fact that the size of the images and the accuracy in it are important factors that affect the size of the images, but sometimes we see the size seen in an image more than what is in it. And this extra size is not usable and is a useless volume. So we can reduce some of this volume without changing its quality, so it is better to reduce the resolution of an image to some extent, because when you see an image with a large volume, reducing the resolution will cause Its details can be displayed like a more ordinary camera, so there is no problem with the image.

To do this in Photoshop software, by selecting your image, refer to the image menu in this section, then in the list displayed for this menu, select the image size option, then immediately a window will be displayed in this section. You can easily reduce the length and width of your image to a large extent. A noteworthy point that users should pay attention to and often misunderstand is that reducing the resolution of your image does not reduce the quality of the image, as it only reduces the details in the image and can It can be said that reducing the resolution only reduces the details in it.

Reduce the size of images

To understand this, we can cite an example from Apple, where the company has used a very good measure in the construction of its smartphones so that it can be said that the details and pixels are regular and with the quality of an image. There are 8 megapixels better than other unrealistic details with low quality in a 16-megapixel image, and due to this, you can easily reduce the detail of your images and reduce the size in it.

Another point is that if the resolution of your images is at 72 pixels per inch, it means that the image is suitable for digital storage, and images with a resolution of 300 pixels per inch are among the images. They are used for printing, for example, business card design.

third level

Reducing the size of images – in this section, in order to be able to save your images in low volume in your system, you must do this through the way that is introduced, because to save

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