Rasterize photos with Photoshop

Rasterize the image


Rasterize the image

Rasterize the image – Image rasterization is another very important and useful feature of Photoshop software, which is one of the best and also one of the most complete type of graphic software through which you can edit. Used its images and photos and its capabilities.Due to the fact that there are many capabilities in Photoshop through which it is possible for users and people who use it to be able to make the best changes to the images they want and many edits Do a career on it.

It can be said with certainty that Photoshop software as one of the software through which it can be used for image editing is the best and the first software that is the most popular among users and due to the ability Various versions of this software can easily use its tools for any kind of change that users need.

Despite the many tools and options and different parts of this software, there are no restrictions on making the necessary changes and edits for your images, and any kind of change can be easily made on your images only It requires sufficient skills in using this software.

Rasterize the image

Rasterize the image

Therefore, due to the fact that there are many capabilities and features in Photoshop software, according to this issue, from its various features, we can point to one of the most widely used filters in it, which includes the mosaic filter. The title of one of the filters is introduced, which is a subset of the pixelat filter, and the user can easily select any part of his image that he wants and checker that part by using this type of filter.

In fact, it can be said that this type of feature in Photoshop, which includes checkered, due to the many applications it can have for people, is the main reason it is used to protect the privacy of other people in images. They are used in some cases to make images attractive.How to use this type of tool is also very simple and easy, and by using it, due to the many different colors in it, it can be used easily, so stay tuned with us to learn more. It is necessary for you to be able to use this very important part in your pictures.

Steps to learn to rasterize an image and use it for different parts of the image

Rasterize the image – First, in order to be able to checker your image or to checker only part of the image, after opening and running Photoshop software, you must use the various methods that are available to open images in Photoshop software. Open your image, which can be used with a shortcut and simple method in which you have to press the control and O keys at the same time so that by displaying a window you can display your image from the path that It is placed in your system, selected then viewed in Photoshop.

The first step is to select a part of the image using the selection tools

Now, in the next step, the user must select one of them using the selection tools, which are more than one in Photoshop software, and select a specific part of the image that you want to checker. Select it, so you can now refer to the toolbar in Photoshop and select a specific part of your image using one of the lasso tools or the rectangular Marquee tool.After clicking on one of these tools, place your mouse on the image and select the desired part by dragging. After that, you will see the dashed lines that the desired part of your image has selected.

Rasterize the image

Rasterize the image – The point that is made in this section and mentioned in the sections above is that due to the fact that there are different selection tools in Photoshop software and the performance of each of them is different, it is easy. ‌ Using the tools introduced in this section, you can select a part of the image and turn it into a selection mode.Another important point that the user should pay attention to is that some users check the whole image, so for people who check the whole image, there is no need to select the image without Using the tool above, select your image, they can continue the next steps and do them to checker.

The second step is to select the mosaic option

Rasterize the image – Now, in the next steps, after selecting a part of the image, you should go to the main menu of Photoshop, which is located at the top of the page, and among the available options, you should click on the filter option, then from the menu that For the user to display, you must click on the pixelate option and then in the next section, click on the mosaic option.

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