Print settings in Excel

Print settings in Excel


Print settings in Excel

Print settings in Excel are one of the most important things that many users who are familiar with this environment and have placed their data and information, when they want to print their data in that environment is possible. They face many problems and in the end, by printing and damaging too many sheets, they do not get the right result and can not print the desired information properly.

At first glance, some users think that printing any type of information does not require special settings and does not even need to read the content, so immediately after placing your information in Excel, if they want to They create a print and find that it has problems with defects that they can not print properly.Note that in Excel, there are a number of professional tips and tricks for using your information to print and print your information, which are essential for any user who uses this environment.

Print settings in Excel

Print settings in Excel – Because there are various reasons that do not allow you to print properly in Excel, and when you print your data in Excel, you will notice in the printed tabs that it does not display part of your data. Therefore, it is necessary to study this article so that you can make the settings in it.Excel software, which is one of the most powerful and powerful office software, has been introduced as one of the spreadsheet software in which there are many cells.

In order to be able to print your information in this software in such a way that you have the right information after printing it, you must read the contents of this section correctly so that you can Knowing these tricks and settings in Excel Print, change them so that your data can be printed without any problems.

Learn how to print a file in Excel and print settings in Excel

Print settings in Excel – The last step you need to do in an Excel environment to print and own your data and information is to go to the print page so that you can access other elements and information on your spreadsheet. These elements can be data, formulas and tables of graphs, comments and much more. If you want to print and print them, you must first print the relevant settings before printing. Do it to the printer to get the right result from your print. Therefore, for this action, you need to open the print window first.

Open the print window

In order to be able to open the print window in Excel software, you can do this in two ways. One of the common methods is to refer to the file menu in this software, which if you select this menu, you will be taken to Transfers data to another page.

Print settings in Excel – In that section you can select the print option and click on it, but the next method through which you can open the print window and is also introduced as a simple and shortcut method involves selecting the control keys. And p is at the same time. Finally, using any of these methods and selecting it will cause the print window to be displayed for you. In order for you to have access to the different sections and the settings in it, we will briefly introduce each of them to you.

Specify the number of copies required

If you want to print more than one copy of the file you want and give it to yourself and other people, select the part that is placed in this window and is called copies, and in contrast Select the number of copies you want to print from your page and file and enter the desired number.

Select a printer

Print settings in Excel – There is another section on this page through which you can specify your desired printer, and this option also applies to times when you have more than one printer, you must select this section. Select it by clicking on it in the section on the page called the printer and in this section specify which printer to print your file using.

Print settings in Excel

Select the paper size

To be able to specify the paper size, click on it from the section that is placed as a more paper size option, and then the amount of sizes that are in it, if you want, any of the ones you want. Select Note that if you want to select the size of a plain paper for printing, you must select a4 size.

Arrange printing pages

Print settings in Excel – One of the other sections in this window that you can use is to arrange the pages, and if the user wishes, for times when the number of copies he has selected is more than one copy. دهد can make settings in this section to apply the desired settings in each version.

The options in this section include Collated and Uncollected. The Collated option is used for situations where if you want to print all the pages of the first version and then print all the pages of the second version, this option must be selected. If the Uncol option

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