Type power and index in Excel

Power and index in Excel


Power and index in Excel

Power and index in Excel, and other mathematical operators that are the main mathematical calculations in Excel environment, using them allows you to easily and without any hassle to easily calculate the results in your calculations. Use some math symbols in Excel not only speeds up your calculations and also has less complexity. It also makes your Excel reports beautiful and very important in this area. Is.

So when you want to write a formula that has power in an Excel cell and cells and put it in your phrase, you can put it in the following ways: Do this and you can easily use these mathematical symbols in your calculations.

Power and index in Excel – There are many times in Excel that the user in writing formulas and applying numbers needs to write an index or power next to his formula, and more than you want to use this issue for the computational aspect Its display is important. Because the type of writing of indexes and powers next to these numbers also makes it beautiful, now that you want to know how to do and place the index and powers next to numbers and formulas Know that you should follow us in the rest of the article so that you can learn how to write it.

Power and index in Excel

Before we learn how to place powers and indices in Excel, it should be said that power is the same as the caption that is placed above the numbers, and the index is the same subtitle that is placed at the bottom of the numbers or letters. The power, subtitle, or index can be placed both in the chart and in the cell, so in order to use it, you have to figure out how to put it. Know it in Excel and in its charts.

Learn how to put power and index in Excel

Power and index in Excel – Note that power and index placement are not limited to numbers, but are often used to type letters and words. For you to use the power or index in your formulas or calculations, so we will teach them separately in this section to do each of these things.

Write power in Excel

In order to be able to run the power in Excel environment and write it next to your numbers, first click on the cell where you want to put the relevant phrase and in it the desired number with its power, as a number Write ordinary and put them one after the other, which means that if you want to put two to the power of five in this part, write it as 25.

Power and index in Excel – Now, in the continuation of the number that you are going to select for the power, which is 5, you have to select this number with your mouse, and by holding it, right-click on this number, and immediately in the list that is displayed, select the format option. Select cells, which after selecting this option will cause a window to be displayed for you.

In the next section, in the desired window, the user must activate the superscript option, and finally, after doing this, click on the ok option to immediately see the desired number displayed as a power on the

 cell for you. This way you can use all the other numbers you want to convert to power.

Power and index in Excel

Write an index in Excel

Power and index in Excel – Indices, which are the same numbers and small letters that are placed next to a number or a regular letter and are displayed at the bottom of this number, can be used in this section as well as the previous method that was used for power. Function.

The only difference is that to enter the index, you have to activate another option, so that, for example, if you want to write a letter or a number with an index, which we put L4 in this example, in this number, its four indexes Therefore, like the previous steps, first select the cell and cell in which you want to put this number and letters. Finally, type this number as a normal number, then select it and use the mouse. Take it yourself and right-click on it in the list of displayed format cells.

Next, in the next section where the desired window is opened for you, you must activate the subscript option and finally click on the ok option to enter the desired changes for it, and in this way you can index See it.

Additional Tips

Power and index in Excel – Note that power or index in Excel is more of a display, because if you look at the cell house where you put the power and index, it will be displayed the way you want it. But in the formula bar, the same number is written as a regular number and there is no change in its nature, so note that powers and indices are more apparent in Excel.

The next point to note is that for some users, using these methods to place power and indexes is not useful and does not work for them, so it is better for this group of users to write indexes and Use copying methods on their own.

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