Pivot table

Pivot table excel tool


Pivot table excel tool

Pivot table excel tool – Excel pivot table tool, which is also known by other names in Excel environment and is also known as its pivot table by users, has been introduced as one of the best and most important tools available in Excel and has many applications. This tool is used in such a way that by selecting only a few options, you can create a statistical analysis of millions of data and easy and very useful of your data in such a way that the results of the case It also displays the comment in very simple tables for you.

So that you can easily understand the other reports obtained from this analysis by reading the table, and by highlighting the key information in this section and placing various other charts and slicers, it will make your Pivot table in Excel is one of the most powerful features in Microsoft Excel and to introduce and better understand this tool, we can say that if you are also one of the users You are dealing with a lot of Excel software.

Pivot table excel tool

The way you prepare your reports, so the best thing to do is to get acquainted with the pivot table tool available in Excel so that you can use it and the reports sent to you through this tool to do your other work. Using this tool makes it possible to convert the provided raw data into useful information that is desired by each user through various methods that exist in it.

An important feature of using this tool is that you can use this tool without the need for formulas or even without the need for another special option, through which you can find other useful information. Get the most out of your data as easily as possible.

Pivot table excel tool

Pivot table excel tool – A significant point that is important for you before introducing this tool and we should introduce it is that the features and characteristics of this software prove that as one of the tools Very powerful that has many important features. Therefore, we may introduce all the desired features of the tool to you in this article and try to consider one of the best features in this tool according to Introduce you to their more functions so that you can get acquainted with this type of tool and use it for your calculations.

Another point is that using this tool is useful for times when you have a lot of data, so that there may be hundreds of thousands of data. Thus, using this tool You can get the desired data analysis. In the following, we will introduce you to the methods of creating a pivot table and its features.

Create a table in the Excel pivot table tool

Pivot table excels tool – In order to be able to create a table in Excel, this method must be followed. First, the data set that you have, you must select the range for which you do not want to create a table. After selecting the data You can do this in two ways to design the desired table. In the first method, by referring to the insert menu in the Excel environment and in this section, select the table or table section.

For the second method, which includes the shortcut method, you can also select the control keys and t at the same time, so that it does not perform this operation very quickly, and finally after performing one of these methods in the window Select the desired option ok to create your table. Pivot table excel tool

Pivot table excel tool

Create a pivot table in the pivot table excel tool

Using a pivot table is the best way to be able to analyze it when you have a lot of data and you want to analyze it very quickly, because according to the amount of power in this tool, in the shortest time. It may provide you with a lot of analysis of your data and use it to save time. Now in the previous section, we have taught you how to create a simple table, but in this section for To be able to create a pivot table, you must first click on it in the collection where your data is located.

Pivot table excels tool – Then refer to the menu of this insert in Excel software and in this menu, click on it in the pivot table section to display a window in which there are different sections. In the initial part of this window, There are also other options, this section includes the option to choose the data that you want to analyze, through which you must specify the range in which you want to analyze your data.

Selecting and activating the select a table or range option will cause you to select one of the tables or a specific range for data analysis. Note that if you have selected a range of data in the previous section You were and then you create the pivot table. In this section, the specified range is automatically selected for you and if necessary, you can change it in this section. If you check the option to use an external data source, it will save your data from the field

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