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Photoshop text tool


Photoshop text tool

Photoshop text tool, which is one of the most important and useful tools in Photoshop, has been introduced as an integral and important part for designers so that with this part you can easily find other texts you want. Add to your projects or modify and edit your texts.

In fact, by using this tool, users can create a text on their documents or graphic files, and in it, the desired information that others and other people who want to see is placed. Give.

How to use and use this type of tool in Photoshop is very simple and easy and does not require special work and action and only has important points that after selecting this tool should pay attention to these points and points.In the following, all the important items are introduced and only by selecting the desired tool from the left menu of Photoshop, you can easily use it and create your other content on the files.Note that with this tool, the user can easily put his text and writing even on the photos he has created and placed in his documents.

In fact, you can use the photo as your background and put text on it that to use this type of typing tool and its capabilities and other applications can be easily studied Use the tutorial in this section.So to use this tool correctly and practically, stay with us until the end of the article, so that with the tutorials that have been included, you can use it to put text for your texts and images.

Photoshop text tool

Other tips for the Photoshop text tool displayed at the top of the Photoshop page for the user:

Photoshop text tool – In fact, after you select the typing tool, the bar that appears at the top of the screen contains a series of options and items, each of which has been added for a specific type of action. We will introduce them only in this section.One of the important things that can be done to select fonts is the font family option, which can also be used to select installed fonts.

The next option also includes font-style, which can be used to select the desired style to make the text larger or smaller, or use other items in this section.Another option is to include the size to select and determine the size of the text and the font associated with it, and also the next option includes Align Text, which can be used to left-aligned text, right Adjust the alignment or middle alignment, also called the text alignment.

Also, another option in this section and its menu includes color to select the color of the text and text, and finally the option cancel or commit, which is actually when the user creates his text in his file. And typing it can confirm it to be placed on your documents, or by selecting Cancel it can delete it and all the actions it has taken for its text.

How to add text in Photoshop using the Photoshop text tool

Photoshop text tool – To use this tool and add text to your documents and images in Photoshop, you must first select the related tool, which includes the T icon, and in the tool menu on the left side of Photoshop.Of course, users and other people who use this tool can use shortcut methods to select tools in Photoshop to hold the mouse with one hand and select with the other hand with the keys in the shortcuts. Photoshop tools.

In this way, people can increase the speed of making edits and other actions related to Photoshop and perform the desired actions faster. Using the shortcut key and selecting this option also includes selecting the T key from the keyboard, using This icon and tool can also be selected from this shortcut.

Photoshop text tool

After selecting the desired tool, you will see that your mouse pointer changes shape, which you can now add text to your page, of course, to add text, other fonts and appropriate styles. It has also been added that we have provided the necessary instructions for using each of these items.Of course, in order to be able to type on the desired page, after selecting its tool, you have to click on the part where you want to type your text and writing on your page, and then start typing.

After selecting the icon of the text tool, you will see that under the main menu, a toolbar is displayed, which in the section related to typing text, the options in it were mentioned, and explanations about it were introduced, which are as follows: The function and type of application that exists for each of them is introduced.

Select fonts for text

Photoshop text tool – As the tool selects the icon and text icon and is in the selection mode, in the bar that is placed at the top of the page and has a number of options, it can be used for font type and size as well as its shape. Selected specific items.

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