Photoshop plugin

Photoshop plugin


Photoshop plugin

Photoshop plugin-ins are among the software and programs that, by installing them on larger programs and software, make access to things better and easier for users. In other words, plugins that are installed in Photoshop software are other programs provided by Adobe or other companies. Their function is to speed up the tasks and tasks that we encounter in Photoshop and use them.

Therefore, given that every company and manufacturer has the ability to create and build plugins for other larger software; And the built-in plugin can only do the job of the program in the same kind of function it has.Of course, it is necessary to mention that plugins and plugins have separate installation steps, and it is not possible to use the desired plugins by installing only the larger program, but they must be done in steps on the program Installed larger and then continued to use its function. Another point that can be mentioned in this section is that plugins and plugins, like other software that have differences and with the same differences, create a different function that plugins also have a function. They are different and to use different functions of plugins, you have to install a large number of them on your systems.

Learn the steps to install the Photoshop plugin

Plugins and plugins are installed and run in Photoshop in two ways. According to these two methods, they can be used in Photoshop. Therefore, in this section, two methods are taught, which we will introduce in the following.

The first method that is taught to install plugins in Photoshop includes a method in which it must be said that if the plugins are installed, to install them, the path address that the plugins folders in Photoshop assign to the installation files must be set. And then proceeded to continue the steps. But the second method that exists to install the installation file can be expressed in this way that if they have exe format, the method of installing them is different from the first method, and in this method, the plugins must be placed in the place where The Photoshop folder is in it to be copied.

In simpler terms, you can refer to the plugin whose file and format are in exe form in the part where you put the Photoshop icon, and then in this part, by right-clicking on the icon. Photoshop In the window that appears, select Properties.Next, by selecting the above option, it will show you another window and menu. In this section, you must select the Open File Location option among the available options. Use this option to select the location where Photoshop is installed.

Photoshop plugin

Now, in the following steps, you should copy your desired plugin and plugin in a folder called Plug-ins, and finally, using these methods, you can easily find the types of plugins and plugins you want. Install yourself easily in Photoshop software and use them easily in your desired tasks.The important point in this section, which should be noted, is that in some cases this has happened in abundance for some people who have installed the desired plugin and extension and in When they tried to use the plugin on Photoshop software, the plugin and plugin did not run properly.

Photoshop plugin

And when selecting the desired plugin, they saw an error from the system, which indicates that the plugin is unusable. Therefore, in these cases, it can be said that it is possible that the desired plugin is not installed properly on the system and Photoshop.And in one of its parts, there is a problem, so in these cases, we must first find out what file and part of the plugin did not install at the time of its installation, and that part is missing now.To find the uninstalled part of the plugin, you can get help from Windows, and by searching in your Windows, you can find another part of it, copy it in the Photoshop folder.Note that the part of the plugin that you intend to copy should be copied to the Photoshop folder and not to the plugin folder so that by copying it to the Photoshop folder it can be used when using Photoshop.

How to use and run the Photoshop plugin that we have installed ourselves

The next part, which is also an important part for people and is also aware of an important issue, is how to run add-ons that we have already installed in Photoshop.Therefore, in order to be able to access all the plugins that you have installed, you must run the Photoshop software and run the images or any other item you want in Photoshop. Make changes to it using the desired plugin.Now, after you have selected your desired image, in the next section, you should click on the section that includes the Filter option and select this section. Then in this section you will see that all the plugins that you have installed can be seen and use each of them in this section to speed up your work or have a better result.

Introducing a number of plugins that are very popular among users

Types of Windows 8  – One of the actions that has caused other people who use Photoshop more professionally and have a faster and better speed in using it, and also creates a lot of creativity in their images using Photoshop. Avrand is to use plugins and install them in Photoshop.Using these plugins, he tried to create better and more beautiful images, in addition to creating it with much faster speed.So that with a number of these plugins that are effective in creating very beautiful images in the continuation of the content provided can be accessed and we have introduced them to you in this section.

HDR Efex plug

This type of plugin, which is known as one of the most popular plugins among users, can be used to edit your images, which can be executed and done manually.Also, people can easily use it to lighten the dark spots of images, and also use it to create HDR effects and use it widely in their images.One of the most important features of this plugin is having a lot of details which are important factors for making HDR images. Using it, people can manually change parts of the image and apply existing settings.

Nik Collection plugin by DxO

This type of plugin is also one of the most popular plugins in Photoshop software and many people have tried to install it and use it in their affairs.Using this plugin, which itself contains a lot of details, significant changes in the areas of light control of images or white and black filters, as well as the desired color in images can be controlled, and in addition, this type of plugin It has HDR and other old filters, all of which can be used by installing this type of plugin.

Photoshop plugin

B&W Effects plugin

There is another type of plugin, which was created and provided by TopazLabs and made available to other people, and the function of this type of plugin is that using those people to a large number of filters White and black are available.And for this reason, it has become very popular among many users, and another important feature of this type of plugin can be mentioned that using it, not only a large number of people Filters are accessible and they can manually make various changes in the light fields of the images.


Alien Skin Snap Art Plugin

Another type of plugin and plugin that uses it to change people’s images into a painting is the Alien Skin Snap Art plugin, which is also very popular. Of course, it is a very professional and powerful plugin in the field of Photoshop.By using this type of plugin, people can easily make a lot of changes to their images in the shortest possible time. Also, in selecting different effects and filters, they can make the necessary changes on it.One of the most important features of this type of filter is the presence of paints and oils, as well as watercolors and designs using pencils, of course, the brush can be seen in it along with many other options and items.

Composer plugin

Another type of plugin that we have introduced to people in this section is this type of plugin, one of the most important points of which is that it is free, which all people can do without the cost of providing Spend it, prepare it and then install it on your Photoshop to use it in the various fields it offers.

Layrs Control 2 plugin

Photoshop plugin – Another plugin in Photoshop is that this type of plugin is also provided to individuals and users completely free of charge and people do not need to pay for it.Therefore, by installing this type of plugin, you can easily use the many capabilities that it has created for people, which include benefiting from seven different scripts, and by using and getting help from it, it causes Complete duplicate tasks in Photoshop in the shortest time possible.

In fact, it can be said that by using this plug-in, you can delete all the layers in your image that are unused, and then create all your important layers with more control by yourself.Of course, one of the important parts of this type of plugin can be considered to simulate objects using it, and in fact, using different types of plugins causes it to increase the speed of its work in its projects.

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