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Photoshop menu bar


Photoshop menu bar

Photoshop menu bar, due to the fact that Photoshop menus are very numerous and have different sections, has been made in such a way that even other users and people who use Photoshop software professionally kdc, so it can be said that Professional designers and graphic artists, as well as other ordinary people, ignore many parts of the Photoshop menu and have little familiarity with it.

Photoshop software is one of the most useful and important software among designers and users, with which they can easily make edits on their images or can use it. Create and create new images. The maker of Photoshop software can be said to have been made by a literary company and every year it offers new versions of this software for other enthusiasts and users and The application as well as the main function of this software can be introduced in such a way that it can make actions and changes on images and their files and has been introduced as the main function of Photoshop.

Photoshop menu bar

Familiarity with Photoshop menu bar

Due to the fact that the menu bar in Photoshop has the same function as any other menu bar in other software, by placing your mouse on any of the options in this menu, you can find more other options. In this section, you can see that by clicking on any of them, you can also use its function. In general, there are many options in the menu bar that have almost all the features and capabilities that exist in Photoshop. They are placed in these menus and are displayed as categories for the user, and each person can easily use the feature in it by selecting any of the menus provided.

This bar, which is called the main bar of the Photoshop menu, is placed at the top of the Photoshop environment page, and the options in it do a lot of commands, and put it next to the options in this menu. Has been.

Photoshop menu bar

For how to use each of them, shortcut keys are placed next to it that the user can easily refer to any of the above options to be informed how to use the shortcut. Many options The ones in the main menu of Photoshop are the same options that are in the tools and different parts of Photoshop that the user uses frequently, but it can not be said that it includes all the options because only Some of these options are available in Photoshop.

In general, the Photoshop menu has many beats and options, in this section, we will introduce each of them step by step, and we will also introduce the capabilities and applications that exist in each of them to the users. Before introducing these features and the features within them, it should be said that to use any of the options in this menu bar, place your mouse over the name of the desired option, and then this action will cause a menu Show that there are more options in it and to introduce all these menus, you must know each of them that have been introduced.

File menu in Photoshop

Photoshop menu bar – The first option and menu in the main menu bar of Photoshop includes the file option, through which all input and output commands, as well as other commands related to data storage can be done in This section is placed. In fact, the file menu is part of all software in which you can easily save the information in your projects or other actions such as opening new documents and images can be From this episode did.

Photoshop menu bar

So this section is generally familiar to users with its function because in almost all software there is this section and options related to this section and it is as a section where the basic work of the software can be done. Of course, it should be said that the file menu also has a submenu that by placing your mouse on it, you can pay attention to the menu that is displayed for you and the many options that exist in this section. Observed and to know the function and type of application of each of the options are introduced below.

Open option

Photoshop menu bar – The options in this main menu of Photoshop are even more important. One of them is open, through which you can easily select a file or image in Photoshop and open it in Photoshop. Other required edits can be made on it. This option will create a new page in Photoshop that contains your selected image and other necessary settings and changes can be made. In this section, the shortcut method for selecting this option also includes the simultaneous use and simultaneous selection of ctrl keys with the o key.

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