Open source operating system

Open source operating system


Open-source operating system

Open-source operating system – The operating system is open-source, and its introduction is in the form that we must first introduce the operating system and then we will introduce the operating systems that are open source for you. Operating systems, all of which, apart from their type, are systems in which software code بی has used an infinite amount of software, and in fact, operating systems have been formed using this software code ‌ And operating systems that are not open source and in which they are introduced as closed source, the code is used in which only the manufacturer can change it, and also only a certain number of customers of the manufacturer can They will be able to see the codes and access those codes.

Compared to those open-source operating systems, they are provided completely free of charge, and all users who use them can change them and access them, of course, under licenses. However, having access to system code has its own advantages, and other people and users who have the programming skills and knowledge of using open-source operating systems can easily run in different versions of them. To introduce and even develop them, two well-known examples can be introduced to introduce open and closed source operating systems, such as Windows 3 operating system, whose command codes are also made and placed by Microsoft, and the operating system. Open-source software also includes the Linux operating system.

Open source operating system

Introducing open-source operating system

The popular open-source operating system that exists in Linux, which many people refer to as an operating system, but this is completely wrong and it should be noted that there are different distributions of Linux that all include Linux distribution operating systems, but in general, the link itself is a core of systems, which � can be said that in all open-source operating systems, there is a Linux kernel that communicates with the system hardware.

To introduce the kernel, it should be said that this Linux kernel was developed by Linux in 1991, and the kernel itself functions in such a way that it provides other basic functions of the operating system for operating systems and uses it. Controls and manages how data is processed and how it is moved in memory Other functions of the kernel include interacting with other tools connected to computers, as well as managing files in people’s systems. There noted.

An important feature in this section is that the founder of his free software shows how much of the existing open-source operating systems use Linux and its tools. In fact, this software Azad and the General Foundation believe that all operating systems built on the Linux basis are referred to as a Linux-based operating system. For a better introduction, it can be said that other people who try to build and form the operating system, by creating the tools they need, try to connect them to the Linux kernel or the Linux kernel, and thus create the desired operating system. They bring.

But the important question that arises in this section, and the answer to which is also important, is whether there are text operating systems that did not come from Linux and are completely separate from Linux, which must be answered in order to answer this question. It should be noted that many of the open-source operating systems that exist in the world and are used by different users are based on Linux, but this does not mean that they are the only open-source Linux operating systems. There are other operating systems that are open source and not built on Linux.

Open source operating system

For example, for these operating systems, FreeBSD operating system can be introduced, which is a type of Unix operating system and has no connection between Linux and open-source operating systems. But the important thing is that using Unix-based systems, you can run Linux-based operating systems and use them on your own systems. Another non-Linux-based operating system that is known as a z includes ReactOS, which is one of those operating systems to replace the Linux operating system, and due to its similarity to Windows XP is constantly evolving and is being introduced as one of the best options that people can use.

Of course, due to the fact that this operating system is very similar to Windows, it still has many problems and bugs, which due to the development of its fairness can be used in the future as one of the most suitable operating systems for users.

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