Network card tasks

Network card tasks


Network card tasks

Network card tasksNetwork card functions are one of the parts that can be easily informed by introducing the network card, and then proceed to select the network card and select it and benefit from its other functions.Network cards are among the hardware that are used to connect computers to the world of the Internet. However, it can not be said that the use of network cards can be summarized only for computers.

Rather, it can be used in other devices that can insert this type of network card, and today, for example, most smart devices, including televisions, are connected to this type of network card and can be connected to the Internet through it. Are also.

Therefore, users who easily connect to the Internet using their computers or laptops and surf the web in the world of the Internet, this kind of convenience and simplicity in browsing can be done with a network card, and if the network card If it does not exist on computers, it will not be possible to connect to the Internet.

There are different types of network cards and they are placed on computers as a chip and capacitor, which other types are not like this, but in general, for all computers, this type of network card is present by default and causes connection. Computers become the Internet.

It can be said that the network card is an interface between the network cable whose signals are also electrical and computers. Of course, this type of network card includes a wired network card and if it is wireless, it is the relationship between electromagnetic waves and computers.

Network card tasks

Description of computer network card tasks

Network card tasks – Therefore, according to the explanations obtained in this section, we will introduce the tasks assigned to the network card, which also include a large number of tasks.In general, it can be said that one of the functions of a network card is to connect one device to other devices in the network. In fact, it can be said that having a network card causes Your device connects to a central network and establishes that connection.

Creating a connection between the transfer environment and the computer by the network card

The main task that can be introduced for the network card, which was also mentioned in the sections introducing the network card, is to connect a device that can be both a computer and a laptop, and can be used from other smart devices. Like TVs, refrigerators or other appliances, it used central networks.

Of course, the presence of a network card in the above devices that cause communication between them is necessary, but this does not mean that the network card is just enough to note that to connect to the Internet, the user needs a router to connect to the device. This router connects the network card to it and then establishes an internet connection after connecting to the router.

Receive information as well as transfer information by network card

Another very important task that can be introduced for the network card, which includes receiving and transmitting information, which in fact should be said to generate and send the appropriate signals on the network is one of the important tasks of the network card.

Network card tasks – Note, of course, that another task that involves receiving signals from the network is another task. Of course, the nature of the signal also depends on the network media and the link layer protocol.This means that in networks that are of LAN type, which is the most common type of network, the packets sent on the network will be taken by the computer, and then the network card of the addresses to which it is linked. Examines.In this way, it processes its desired packages and transfers them to the next part, and if it is checked, it will be seen that the sending of data is unintentional, and it leaves them aside and does not use them.

Network card tasks

Provide specific and unique addresses for network card hardware

Note that the hardware addresses of the network card are completely unique, thus making a distinction between computers on a network and making a difference.Therefore, the Mac address, which is a sublayer of the link, which is the reference model of OSI, its hardware address is also inside the chip, which is also placed on the network card. This chip also includes rom.Note that network card protocols also use completely local addresses that, before receiving this data by the computer, translate the desired address into their hardware and receive the information accordingly.

Network card data and data buffering is another function of the network card

Network card tasks – Considering that network cards send only one type of data on the network at any time or receive the desired data, so it can be said that network cards have a type of buffer in their existence, which according to the existence of This buffer allows it to store when a type of data needs to be prepared to be processed through a computer and network and send it when needed.

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