Name design in Photoshop

Name design in Photoshop


Name design in Photoshop

Name design in Photoshop is one of the methods and capabilities that users who design a business card or any other type of card should be familiar with how to design a name and through it can easily design Create beautiful charms.

How to design names and letters in Photoshop software is quite simple and easy, and the user can use this feature and create different designs can use it in their art images so that by adding effects and filters The beauty of Photoshop to its images can somehow turn your image into creative and completely artistic images, thereby attracting a large audience to your designs.

Note that to use your artistic features and creativity that you can use in Photoshop to create artistic images, try to use several features that simultaneously create beauty in your image. Do not do this, because in this section, we have provided you with a tutorial through which you will learn how to design a name, but next to it, we have also placed an image for you that you can make changes on it, and Somehow turn it into an art image, then design a name on it to learn how to use two completely creative features in Photoshop software and combine them to create a beautiful design.

Name design in Photoshop

Name design tutorial in Photoshop

In order to be able to easily make name designs on your images in Photoshop software, you need to do all the steps mentioned in this section in the order we have placed them, so that you can get the best result and performance. Find out from the relevant actions you take.

Name design in Photoshop – So you have to run Photoshop software first and after opening it, you can open the image you want to make changes on it and then design the name on it. You can open it in Photoshop. The image in Photoshop is also different and you can do this after opening the Photoshop software and running it using the combination control keys and o.

In this part, we have also selected the image, which is a manifestation of nature, and we want to put a rain filter on it, as if it were a glass on which it has rained and evaporated, so on the glass in question. You have also written a name that you can easily create this image in Photoshop software, so the image you select must first be a completely rainy image and run it in Photoshop, then the second image of the item Place your interest on this rainy image and the second image should be placed as the top layer in the Layers panel.

Name design in Photoshop

Now you have to select the second image layer to be active for you, then right-click on the selected layer so that in the menu that is visible to you, in this section, you can select the convert to smart object option and Immediately after selecting this option, you can see your image layer, which has a small sheet icon next to the image layer.

In the next step, the user can use any type of filter in Photoshop software on your image, and thus use their creativity to create completely artistic designs, and can also use any type of filter. In this section, we use the blur filter on our image, and you can use this filter or other filters that exist in Photoshop software, refer to the main menu in Photoshop software, and in this section, select the filters option. Select and then you can select the blur option or other types of filters in the list displayed in this section, and finally in the next section, select the gaussian blur option, which we also selected and In the window that was displayed immediately afterwards and includes the settings window of this option, you can see different values ​​and different settings in this section.

Name design in Photoshop

Name design in Photoshop – To strengthen your image, you can see its effect on the image in this section and in the desired window by placing the radius value on different values. You can reduce the amount of blurring and blurring of your image by reducing it, and Or increase the fade and blur of the image by increasing its value.

Finally, select the best value that fits the image and you in this section, then save the effect on the image by selecting the OK option. In the next action, the user must change the style and fashion of his image, which must be overlayed. To do and select the desired option, you can go to the Layers panel and select the slider option, which is set to normal by default, by clicking on it, you can select the overlay option and make In this way, your visual style and fashion will change.

By doing this method, you can see its effect on the image. Finally, we refer to the most important part of this section, which is to put your desired name in the image so that you have designed the type of writing and It can be placed in a way that makes your image more beautiful, so you have to remove the typing tool from the software

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