Manage worksheets in Excel

Manage worksheets in Excel


Manage worksheets in Excel

Manage worksheets in Excel is for beginners who are new to the Excel environment and its software, and considering that working with this environment is a bit difficult for them by viewing the Excel environment management tutorial And its worksheets can easily make it easier for themselves by using this environment. Users who are new and unfamiliar with the Excel environment are very difficult to work with this environment, and unless you work with worksheets and different parts of this environment and do not use them in different parts. ‌ You can easily use this part in managing your affairs. This part of the Excel environment, which is one of the most widely used parts, allows you to work in different parts immediately by selecting these items easily. Do it yourself in Excel very quickly.

There are many times when a user who is in an Excel environment needs to work with new Excel pages in this area and create a page where they have to move a tab from the previous Excel file to another file. Or transfer other items from the previous file to the new file. In this way, in order to be able to do these items and other tips that you need in Excel quickly and easily, it is necessary to read the contents of this section correctly and completely so that you can use them in your use and join us now to teach you better management of the Excel environment.

Workflow management training in Excel and management tricks in it

Managing a worksheet in Excel  – The points that are introduced in this section will make you more familiar with using the worksheet environment in Excel, and with better mastery and management, you will be able to place your other calculations and data in different parts of Excel in this section. Give. Join us now to enjoy these. One of the most important things that is especially important for beginners and in Excel environment when working so that they do not confuse their data and information, it is better to have your sheets Name them separately if there are several sheets on their page.

Manage worksheets in Excel

It is also better than the name for each sheet is a short description so that they can immediately find and select the sheet they want by reading its name. By default, Excel software for the name that For sheets, put them as sheet 1 and sheet 2, and so on until the end. If you want to change the name of these sheets, double-click on the tab so you can give the desired name to it. Select.

Managing a worksheet in Excel  – Another important part of the Excel environment that you should also pay attention to is searching for worksheet tabs for times when your tabs are high or the name given to these tabs is long It will cause you to not be able to see everyone on your page at the same time in any of these sections, so at this time you will have to search for your desired tab, which the search method will do in two ways. Be.

The first method you can use to search is by using the arrow option and its icon at the bottom left of Excel to move a tab left or right, and when you click on these arrows it causes To the right or left you can see the hidden pages. But the next method through which you can see the hidden tabs and is also introduced as a completely logical method is to select the icon and option. ی … is on the opposite side of the arrow icons.

This section is located just at the bottom of the Excel page and on the right, and when you select it you can see all the other tabs that are in this section and are hidden. So using this method easily For times when you have a lot of sheets, you can see them all and you can use this section. Now, in the next section, we will color the tabs to encode them and how to do it. We also introduce this method.

Manage worksheets in Excel

In order to be able to code your tabs and easily find them if needed, especially when your tabs are high, coloring them this way will make it fast and with a lot of time. You can find them shortly. To use this method and color the tabs, it is better to use warmer and screaming colors for other sheets that have more uses, and softer and cooler colors. You can also choose more for the sheets that you useless.

Also, in order to be able to not change a sheet, all you have to do is right-click on it by referring to the desired line, then select the tab color option in the displayed list, then in the next section. Then select any of the available colors so that you can select the colors you want for the sheets in this section. In general, if you right-click on a sheet in the worksheet environment, the list will be for you. Shows that this section, it introduces all its options for better management in Excel so that you can be aware of their performance by selecting them.

Insert option

The first option in the list introduced includes this item via

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