Manage Firefox plugins

Manage Firefox plugins


Manage Firefox plugins

Manage Firefox plugins , and plugins in general, is one of the actions and features that can be used to increase the speed and efficiency of your browser. Also, adding them to browsers increases the enjoyment of using and working with software and browsers.Due to the fact that there are many plugins with a very different variety that users can easily use their browsers. In fact, one of the features that has made the strength of browsers when using them are the same plugins that by installing them, each by doing their own work will increase the efficiency of people.

It should be noted that the Firefox browser was the first browser to create add-ons and added them, and for this reason, other browsers, including the Chrome browser, were forced to add these add-ons. To keep their users happy while using their browsers.The Earth Firefox browser, which added plug-ins called AddOns, caused a huge change in browsers and their use for users and individuals, so using these definitions People can add plugins to their browser with the following methods, and of course, adding them is a very simple and easy way, and by reading this section, everyone can easily Try to do it.How to manage Firefox plugins

Add and add plugins in Mozilla Firefox browser

To manage your plugins in Mozilla Firefox browser, the first step is to add plugins. To use this section, you can first open your browser and use the alt shortcut key on the keyboard to press it, and then a menu for people will be displayed. In this section, you should go to the tools section of Koz, and then in the next page, you should select the add_ons option.Of course, another method that can be used to enter this section more quickly is to use the keyboard shortcut keys. To refer to this page, you can use the CTRL keys along with the shift key and also with Select another key, which includes the A key, and then the page will be revealed to you.In this section, people are now redirected to the Firefox browser add-ons section. On the top right of this page, there is a search section for add-ons where you can find the add-ons you want.The other section on this page is lower than the previous section, which is called up-and-coming, where you can see all the new plugins and plugin updates.

Manage Firefox plugins

Ways to find and view all plugins in Firefox browser

But to display and view the extensions and all of them in your browser, you can continue the previous steps and in this section, select the see all option, after which a page will be displayed for people in which all the extensions installed in The browser can be viewed.After the above actions, another page will be displayed in which all the plugins are located, and in this page, on the right side of it, there is a section for finding plugins that can find the desired plugin through search. Of course, the other part of this page is the left side of the page, which has two columns on this side.

The first column in this section contains Explover, which itself is divided into categories that include three categories. In the first part of this category, special or featured plugins are placed, and in the next part, Stone, which is the next category, the most popular plugins are placed among the users, which include the most popular, and in the last part and the third category, no Shows the user who has received the most points and rankings by the users who have used it and includes top rated.Another column on this page and in this section has categorized plugins based on various other topics so that by using these different categories, users can find the plugin they want more quickly and easily. This page is placed in the middle of those plugins with the type of their use, which can be understood if the plugin is unfamiliar with the type of function.At the top of this section, other plugins can be found according to the highest score earned by users. The latest available plugins or the most used weapons among people can also be found in this section.

Add plugin in Firefox browser

To add your own plugins, you can see a large number of plugins by continuing the previous steps on the page where you are placed. If you find the plugin you want to add to your browser, you must hover your mouse over the plugin. Consider. In this case, it will show you an icon called this add to Firefox icon, and now you have to select this option and click on it, after selecting it, a window will be displayed for people, which in this section should Select the install now option to install it on the Firefox browser.Then, after installing it, another window will be displayed in which other changes can be applied to your plugin. To make changes, you can select the restart option, after which the people browser will be restarted immediately.Another method that can be used to install plugins on your browser using this method is to first go to the Mozilla online store, which includes, and on this site a large number of plugins To formally refer yourself to individuals and users. Then, as in the previous steps, by viewing all the plugins, they can be installed on your browsers.

Methods for updating plugins installed in Firefox

Another way to manage Firefox add-ons is to update all the add-ons you have installed on your browser. To use this method, you have to click on the menu option and key in your browser page, and then select the Add_ons option in this section, then it will be transferred to the plugins management page, which is on the left This page has an Extensions option that you must also click on.In the next steps on the next page, click on the settings option, the icon is like a gear. Then on the next page, select the option for check for updates to easily update your desired plugins.

How to disable plugins installed in Firefox browser

After installing a large number of plugins, people can disable the plugins they do not use in their browser if they wish, so that they can reactivate these plugins when necessary to use them. But the method of disabling plugins is that after selecting your menu on the plugins page, select the Add_ons option and then select the Extensions option on this page as well. Of course, this option can be replaced by another option, which includes Get Add_ons. In any case, by selecting any of them in the next section, there is a slider next to your plugins that you must activate to disable your plugin.How to restore plugins that you have previously disabled is also very simple and do the same as you disabled the desired plugin and then put the slider off to deactivate it Cancel.

Manage Firefox plugins

Select the plugin that manages the plugins in the browser

Manage Firefox plugins – One of the most important steps in the Firefox browser is the plugin manager page, which is not attractive to users and people who use it, and therefore users use the Firefox browser less than the Chrome browser.Due to the fact that to view the plugin management page and take action on it, people will see that this page is like the window that appears in the Chrome browser in the Firefox browser, and the management of plugins on the page It is completely separate, which is why it is not popular among users.For this reason, there is a new plugin in the Firefox browser that people can download and install it on their browser to easily use the page and window of their plugin management as before, when you use and refer to it. The only difference between viewing and managing add-ons in Firefox in this type of add-on is that; Displays the Add-ons Admin screen as a browser tab in its own window, which is completely independent of the browser.

Add-ons for this feature that users can easily use include the Classicish Add_ons Manager plugin. Of course, using this plugin has other benefits for users, which can be mentioned in this section.Other benefits of this plugin include the size of the plugin management window, which displays them to users without any change in the size of the browser window, and also with Opening this plugin displays a list of all plugins that users have installed in their browser.

Other features in this section include plugins that you have installed on your software and browser, and adding a list of plugins will also include plugin information, including information for plugins in this The section is displayed, including the name of the plugin with its description and icon, as well as its settings key, which can be right-clicked on the menu to see other details, and other actions that can be done for plugins, including deactivation. Plugin or also remove it is done in this section.Note that using this plugin is very useful for users and people who use Firefox extensively and set it up compared to other browsers. Because it can be used to view the plugin management page in separate windows without the old methods open in a browser tab. Of course, in this window, no other changes occur, not only, but also other explanations and details can be viewed and the related actions can be applied to the plugins.

According to the items mentioned in this section, people can easily install Firefox add-ons and take the necessary steps to manage them.

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