Manage Chrome extensions

Manage Chrome extensions


Manage Chrome extensions

Manage Chrome extensions is one of the most important parts of Chrome and its use for users and individuals, because due to the importance of browsers among users and individuals, it is one of the web browsing and search tools. The atmosphere of people has become, despite the plugins, has made them one of the most powerful and practical tools among people.In fact, it can be said that the extensions in Google Chrome are tools that can be used to do things easily. In addition to speeding up people’s tasks, it makes them easier to use this software.Note that Google Chrome itself is software that has many plugins and to access them, people can manage and customize this browser in their system by adding or removing plugins. Manage those that are not usable for them better.

Note that when you install Grogol Chrome on your systems and run it, you will see many plugins on its page, which are located at the top right of the page and next to the address bar. Anyone who installs any add-ons in Google Chrome will be placed in this section and will be visible and accessible.Of course, it should be noted that the plugins that are in this section are not the only ones and their number is much more, and to see all of them, you should refer to the section that is described below.Therefore, for better management of add-ons and ways to remove them or add these add-ons to your browser, you can study them in this section.

Ways to add plugins to Chrome browser

The first step to managing Chrome extensions is how to download and add them to your browser. In this section, we have discussed how to add it, so to download extensions, you must first go to the Chrome Web Store and In this store, you can find any type of plugin you want to install on your system and then click on it.After clicking on the desired plugin and entering its page in this section, you must select the Add to Chrome option on the right and click on it to continue with the window that contains the confirmation request. It is up to you to add it to your browser and if you are sure, select the Add extension option.In this case, your plugin will be added to your browser, and in your browser, a notification that you have added a plugin will be displayed in the upper right corner.

See all add-ons added to Google Chrome

One of the features of Google Chrome extensions is that people can find and view all the extensions they have added to their browser at once and then delete them or any Try another action.But to see all your plugins, you can go to the icon that is three dots in the upper right corner of the page and click on it, and in this case in the window that displays for people Select the More tools option and then select the Extensions option.You will now see a page showing you all the extensions that you have already added to your browser. Of course, in this section, you can see all the plugins that you have turned off and disabled.

Manage Chrome extensions

How to enable or disable Chrome extensions

In the continuation of the previous section, after referring to the plugins page, in this section, by selecting any of the plugins, you can activate or deactivate it. To deactivate a plugin, it is enough that the slider The color of the water that is placed next to the plugs has changed slightly. In this case, the desired plugin for people and their systems will be disabled.Of course, to activate the plugins that you have previously deactivated, you can proceed to the desired plugin in the same way, then change their slider to the side that turns it on.

View plugin settings and details

Following the previous steps in this section, which have been referred to in the previous section, there is another option in this section, which includes Detail, and by selecting it, all the information and details of the desired plugin can be accessed and See its permissions as well as other plugin descriptions in this section and read them.Of course, in this section, people can create configurations and other custom settings for their desired plugin in this section.

Of course, people can view the plugin settings in another way, so that if their desired plugin is in the taskbar and can be seen in this section, they can select it and right-click. On the menu that appears, select the Manage extensions option.In this way, in a window, all the settings and details of the desired plugin are displayed for people and they can make the necessary and necessary changes for their plugin and customize it.

Hide added extensions and other Chrome extensions from the menu bar

One of the features of plugins for users and individuals is that they provide access for people more quickly and using them, people can easily access their desired items, but nevertheless Zarmani Having a large number of plugins on your page gives it clutter, at which point you can try to hide some of them.To hide plugins, you have to right-click on the plugin you want in the My Bar and then select Hide in Chrome Menu in the menu that appears for people. Using this action, easily Hide extensions that you do not want to put in the menu bar from here.Note that by using this method, you have neither deleted nor disabled the plugin you want, and only used this method to hide it in this part of the bar.To see the hidden extensions, you can click on the Chrome menu, in which case you will see all the ones you have hidden, and the icon of the hidden extensions will be displayed at the top of the menu.

How to remove a plugin from Chrome browser

In some cases, by adding a plugin to your browser, depending on the type of action, those people are not satisfied with the plugin and cause them harassment when using the plugin, so at this time people delete They do it in the following way.So to remove the extra plugins that you have already installed and now, due to the reasons that in some cases due to a malfunction of the plugin function, they try to remove those people from two Method This action can be done.

In the first method to remove plugins, if they are in the taskbar bar and you see them on your page, you can right-click on the desired plugin and then display the menu that appears. Remove from Chrome option will appear. Select and then use this option to remove the desired plugin.Another method used to remove plugins is for when the plugin is not in the taskbar and you do not see it on your page, so at this time you have to go through the three-dot icon next to Select the taskbar and include the More tools option.Then, after selecting the above option, you must select the Extensions option, and then in this section, you must also select the Trashcan option. Now, in this section, you can see all your plugins, and for each of the plugins that you can Click to delete it and then finally select the Remove option to delete it.

Manage Chrome extensions

How to create and build keyboard shortcuts to use plugins

Another measure that can be used to manage Chrome extensions is to create shortcuts using the keys on the keyboard. Using this trick, it is easy to use plugins that are more efficient for people to create more speed for them.But this is how to enable and use keyboard shortcuts for plugins. First you have to go to the More Tools section by selecting the three-dot icon, and then you have to select the Extensions option.

In the displayed page, in this value, you have to click on the option that is placed at the top of the page and on the side of the page, and then in this section, you have to select the shortcuts that you want to create for your desired plugins and Enter them.In the window that is displayed for selecting plug-in shortcuts, in the box above it, you can enter the keys that you want to select for the plug-in shortcut from your keyboard, and thus easily when using the plug-in. Use these shortcuts to create more speed for yourself.

Use profiles to better manage plugins installed in Chrome browser

manage Chrome extensions – One of the steps that can be taken to create better management for your plugins is to use profiles that allow individuals and users to categorize their options into different categories, including apps, plugins, and more. History and options as well as bookmarks that Chrome allows to do this.To add a plugin to your profile, you must download them manually and then the desired plugin will be added to your profile. Of course, another feature that exists in Chrome and its users can use it to access other people’s extensions on their computer is by having a Google Chrome account.In fact, by adding an account and registering in Chrome, you can access other people’s plugins with other computers through that account. Other people can also use this method to access plugins in your system.

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