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Make a checkered image


Make a checkered image

Make a checkered image – is another part of using Photoshop software to show your images in the form of tiles or checkered. An important point that should be mentioned at the beginning is that the training and content Which is placed in this section for you is different from checking the image.

Because in rasterizing your image using the methods and actions that exist in Photoshop, you use them to select parts of the image or the whole image, and then by erasing or Checking the desired part in the image causes the image of you or the desired part of the image can not be displayed, and by acting in this way, you can maintain your privacy in different parts and sections.

But the content that is included in this section, which is entitled to create and create a checkered image, is because through it, your image can be displayed in such a way that checkered or tiled modes are displayed. Apply on it and it can be said that your image is displayed under a frame on which the desired frame is in the form of small squares that are placed next to each other and thus an effect can be Apply or create beauty for your image, so pay attention to this so that we can come together to teach this step.

Make a checkered image

Creating a checkered image

Therefore, in this tutorial and the content that has been placed for you, using it, we easily want to turn an image that can be displayed in a checkered pattern, of course, there is an important point that should be mentioned at the very beginning. That is, there are many ways to create and create a checkered image, and do not be satisfied with just the method mentioned in this section, and easily study the other methods that are provided for it. You can create your own images in the form of tiles or checkered.

Converting your images in such a way that the photos used in some logos can be used for you as well, and it is better to beautify the design of your personal images, an important point to create and Creating images that are checkered is also that different colors can be used for the lines used in checkered and in this section we will explain the methods of creating it for you.

Of course, there is another point that is very important and was not taken into account in this section. In order to checkerify your image, you must first select an image that has enough light to shrink your image. In small pieces can be easily displayed for us.Therefore, if your images do not have a good light, even though the desired light is high, but the amount is still not reached the quorum, you should first create the right amount of light for your image using the method introduced below, and then Checker your image.

Learn the steps to create a checkered image in Photoshop

Creating a checkered image – As mentioned in the previous sections, you must first make sure of the brightness of your image and by increasing its light, proceed to the steps of creating and making checkered images, so that in order to increase your image first. Light should be done as follows and then continue the steps.

Make a checkered image

Increase image brightness

In order to turn your images into a checkerboard, you must first use a grid to increase the light in the image so that it can be used as a guide to create a text network for the pixels in this method, which has One shortcut is that you can press the keys on your keyboard at the same time.

Creating a checkered image – These keys also include the control with the M key, but another way to refer to this section and for users who want to know this method is that you can go to the Veiw menu in the main menu Photoshop is included and by selecting it in the list that is displayed for you, you can select the show option, after which in the next section, you must select the grid option in this way.Finally, using any of the proposed methods to select this option and when you select it, it will cause you to display a window in which you will see a chart and next to it different options. There is another, each of which has different functions.

In the displayed diagram, you see a line that is placed in the middle of the diagram and is as a diameter. In this diagram, if you drag the middle of the line upwards so that your line becomes a curve, it will cause That your photo becomes brighter in the middle and if you draw the desired line down, the image will eventually be reduced.Finally, this line in the image should be drawn upwards to create the best and most appropriate amount of light in the image, so that you can easily turn on your image.

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