Mac system features

Mac system features


Mac system features

Mac system features – The features of the Mac system are among the features that exist in this operating system and have made it have advantages and even disadvantages over other operating systems. In this section, the important features of this type of operating system that It has been introduced as one of the most important features of Mac OS.

Note that the Mac operating system is a type of operating system developed by Apple and measured among users, and it has unique features that have led to having a graphical user interface for those fans, especially, Of course, it should be noted that this operating system, due to the coordination in the construction of operating systems with its hardware and components, has caused this limitation, which should also be noted that This operating system and hardware in Iran are more expensive than other software and operating systems and has caused fewer people to use this type of operating system.

Now, considering the different versions of this Mac OS, each of them has its own unique specifications, and in the new versions of the Mac OS, we see that there are many useful and important features. Each of these features and a number of them are discussed in this section.

Introducing Mac system features

To introduce other features that exist in the Mac operating system and in the types of versions available, you can refer to these types of features, some of which are mentioned in this section, and get acquainted with some of the different features of the Death operating system.

Design and sidecar feature

One of the unique features of these operating systems and Apple iPads is the sidecar feature, which is a feature of other designers and illustrators as well as artists who use it in this and other Absences connect to your Mac device with this feature, and according to the Apple pen, which is designed and used for drawing and annotating on your iPads, it can be used repeatedly using Majd software. Use and work directly with people from Photoshop or other software in this category.

Mac system features

Existence of smart folders in the finder

Mac system feature – To introduce this feature, we must first say that smart pushbacks are not like regular pushbacks and are different from them, and are similar to other tags in the Gmail section, which contain other special files. To introduce the best type of smart folders, it can be said that the unique feature of Mac OS is that people can introduce criteria for their folders and enter them, using only the files that are related. With those criteria, they are placed in these folders completely automatically, and people can easily access the related files by visiting the folder.

But to use this feature, people in the finder software can first select the file option, and then in the menu that appears, select the new smart folder option, and in the part where you are placed, you can The ability to search for other criteria and measurements you want in this section and thus specify your criteria, and you can also select with the positive icon that is placed on this page, and in it more criteria to limit Put the files you want.

Activate the hot corners feature

One of the most important features of these systems is that it works in such a way that people can perform different functions when they move their mouse pointer to all four corners and every four hours of their screen. It is realized.

Mac system features

For example, we can mention one of these types of functions that can be used when returning to the device mode or other possible uses when opening the notification center, in fact, when the settings of this part of the feature of If you have Mac operating system enabled for you, you will see its various functions. How to activate this feature is that you have to click on the Apple menu in your system and then after opening the menu that appears, select the system preferences option, and then on the next page, the desktop and screensaver section. Select and enter this section and finally select the screen saver tab to open the desired tab.

Now, in the lower right part of this section, you will see your desired option, which includes hot corners, and by selecting it in this section, you can activate this feature for your operating system and use it in different directions.

Photos software update

One of the great features and actions that have occurred in recent versions of Apple operating systems include software that has now been rebuilt and updated in the Catalina version and the most important changes that have been provided to users in this software. Includes features to select and display photos as the best type of person.

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