Linux applications

Linux applications


Linux applications

Linux applications have been introduced to many people and users who want to install the Linux operating system on their systems and gain different experiences using this operating system.According to all the software introduced in this section, you can install any of them that you want to use to install it on your desired Linux operating system.Of course, before introducing the various software of the Linux operating system, it should be noted that due to the fact that the Linux operating system has many and varied distributions, people must have one of these distributions installed on their systems. .

But the point is that the most famous and popular distribution of the Linux operating system that exists is the Ubuntu distribution, which Ubuntu Linux operating system due to its very good desktop and user-friendly appearance has caused that among Linux operating system users gained a lot of fans.

Now that you have the Linux operating system installed on your system, you should install various software that is compatible with this operating system at this time to advance your goals. Be able to do things using different software.Of course, it should be noted that most people who have used the Windows operating system and now decide to migrate to the Linux operating system are looking to install a variety of programs on their system that this group of people should also study This article will take action in choosing their software.

Introducing other Linux programs

Now, for users who want to install various software suitable for the Linux operating system on their systems, in this section, we have introduced the best Linux operating system software for them.

Install Linux browser software

Other software introduced for Linux browsers include Firefox, Chrome, also called Chrome, and Opera and Vivaldi, a web browser, and Falcon.According to the introduction of the mentioned browsers, people can install any of them that they want to use on their Linux operating system, but the remarkable point is that Chrome browser is one of the browsers that have a lot of fans. Earned for himself.

Linux applications

The reason for its popularity can be attributed to the powerfulness of this browser among other browsers, which due to the fact that it meets all the needs of users, has led to significant user satisfaction.But Opera browser is another browser that can be installed and provided completely free of charge, but the remarkable point is that this browser is not on official sites and various Linux distributions. ‌ It can be found.

Linux applications

Also, Opera is not as popular as Firefox and Chrome browsers, but as one of the main browsers, it can be installed on Linux operating systems, and significant changes have been made in this browser. To differentiate itself significantly from other browsers such as Firefox and Chrome. Among these changes and its differences, we can mention the existence of ad blockers and IP change software. Has upgraded its version to these items.

There are other browsers that are compatible with the Linux operating system, but there are generally no browsers that are specific to the Linux operating system.But in the meantime, one of the browsers that can be used for the Linux operating system and is much older than other browsers is the web browser, which of course has some drawbacks.

However, due to its simple design and very high speed, it has made it popular among users, and the main drawback of this browser is the lack of plugins.Of course, the important point here is that in the Ubuntu Linux distribution, Firefox browser is one of the browsers that is installed by default in this operating system and users do not need to reinstall They do not have it.

Linux applications

Install geery email management between Linux applications

Another important software that people must install on Linux operating systems is this software, which is open source software and is used to manage people’s emails under their Unity desktop environment.And there are important features and capabilities that can be used by installing it, including these features can be manually set up its steps, as well as having a simple and user-friendly environment.After installing this program, users can choose one of the email services such as Yahoo or even Google, and after entering their password and username, they can access their email management.

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