Create light in Photoshop

Light creation training


Light creation training

Light creation training , which is one of the important features that users who use professional cameras and according to the settings in their cameras can with the combinations that are placed in their settings. Create effects and glare from the sun in your image, which can be used to create beautiful images.

But for some users who do not have these types of cameras and do not have access to the necessary settings to create and create beautiful images that have the effects of light radiation, so this group of users can use Using Photoshop and the tools in it and using the effects and filters in it to create this kind of artificial glow for your images and make it attractive, and thus artificial radiation can be used for images. Created.Given that a glow in the sun or some of the glare that is also bright and makes the photos taken by users more beautiful, in some cases it is also possible that by being irregular Or an unbalanced amount of light can damage your images.

Light creation training

Light creation training

Now, according to the features and tools that exist in this regard, you can easily use them to shine the sunlight, as well as its brightness, as well as the direction in which the light beam is placed in your image. Power can be created on your images. If you are not satisfied with the desired result and the result of making these changes, it can be weakened or removed.In fact, with the tutorials that we have placed in this section, the user can easily use them to add light effects to their images, and by using this action, he can turn ordinary images into very beautiful images.

So now in order to be able to add light effects to your images and files, according to what has been presented, we have gone through all the steps correctly and we have taught them all in the same way. Practice in Photoshop so that you can easily create a beautiful glow for your image by using the above.

Learn how to create light and create light in the image

Light creation training – First, in order to be able to add light effects to your image or part of the image and explain the tutorial to create light, after opening and running Photoshop software, you need a file and image that you want to use for To create a light effect, choose to select your image and make the necessary edits on it. You can select the image from the paths that exist to select the image.

In this section, to learn how to open your file and image, you can use its shortcut, which includes control keys along with the O key on the keyboard, through which you can proceed to the path where your image is located. Select it and then select OK to open your image in Photoshop. Follow us to create a light filter on the image.After opening your image in Photoshop and selecting it, you should pay attention to two points, which include the following: The first point is that the images for which you want the light effects and sunlight Add to that the color mode and style of the image must be in RGB format and it must also have 8 bits / channe.

Light creation training

To check this feature in your images, you can go to the main menu of Photoshop in the image tab and click on it to the menu that is displayed, select the desired option, then in this section with The options that are displayed for you and the tick next to the available options can be informed of the color style in your image, and if the color mode in the image is not mentioned, it can be selected in this section. .

Light creation training

Another point to consider when choosing your image and creating a light effect on it is to use very high quality images, and the image size is better to be 2000 by 4,000 pixels, and this causes Who chose the images he wanted.Of course, to check and also check the size of your image, go to the image option from the main menu of Photoshop and select it, and then select the image size option in the menu in front of you. In this section, you can see the size in the images. And if the image size is less or more than the numbers mentioned, change it to this extent.

Another point that is very important and users should pay attention to it is that in general, adding light to images is very simple and does not require difficult and complex actions and with just a few steps easily An image with beautiful natural light can be created.

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