Levels tool training

Levels tool training


Levels tool training

Levels tool training is one of the most important tools in Photoshop software, which is very important and vital for users who use Photoshop to learn and learn this topic and its contents, because you can use it to create your own images. Edited in a way that helps a lot to make your image more beautiful and makes it more attractive by controlling the light in the image.

Other people who take pictures with their professional cameras or mobile phones do not always take very beautiful pictures, and in some cases it is possible that the desired image It has disadvantages that the main disadvantages that are usually seen in images are that the photo is either too dark or too light.

Levels tool training – Therefore, in order to be able to correct the light in the image and bring it to the appropriate light, we must use the tools that are placed for you in this section, and in the following, we will explain the instructions for using it, according to The settings and options that exist in it should bring the light and contrast of the image to its balanced level, and in this way, your image, while maintaining its beauty, also benefited from its superficiality.

First of all, an important point that should be mentioned and includes the case that in order to be effective on your images and improve the light in the image according to the tools that are addressed in this section and through it Balance the light in the image It should be noted that in Photoshop this type of tool alone does not do this.

But there are other tools that can be used to adjust the brightness and contrast of your image, so in this section, only using this tool, which we have taught how to use and use it only as one of There are methods through which you can balance the light of the image and edit your image.

Levels tool training

Learn the Levels tool and its settings

To better introduce the Levels tool, it can be said that this tool has two tools and two sections, which can be used to correct and edit the range of tonal colors and color balance of the image, and according to the settings in this tool. It can be used to illuminate or illuminate the image and can be edited using it.

Another part of this tool that has another use is to correct the colors in the image, and according to these cases, there are many other tools that exist in Photoshop and do these actions, but the advantage of choosing and using this The tool is due to the creation of existing edits in the image at a very high speed with its not so difficult use.

Levels tool training

Levels tool training – To use the features in the Level tool, after running Photoshop software and inserting your image using the shortcut method, control keys and o put it in Photoshop software, then in the continuation of the path, you must use the adjustment layer. By referring to this section, they can access the Level settings and use them in the direction of the settings in their image.

One of the important features of using adjustment layers is that the Level tool and its layer, which is placed in this section, works in such a way that all the changes and edits that are made on your image. Given does not corrupt the pixels of the original image.This means that all the changes mentioned in this section are done on the layer so that in this way your original image is not damaged in any way and in any part of it, and it is preserved as it is, so that if You were unhappy with the changes and decided to delete it so that you have the original image.

Levels tool training

Levels tool training – Therefore, this part of the adjustment layer is stated as one of its important features and is one of the most important parts of Photoshop software, and training to use all the tools in this part is essential, and we recommend that To use it and be aware of the methods available in it, refer to the content that is placed on the site and read the content of this section correctly and completely.The important point in this section, which should be mentioned first, is that for users who are using the methods and tools in Photoshop to learn better, if this part of the software Photoshop is incomprehensible and vague for you, do not worry.

Because this tool is a bit complicated and difficult for beginner users, and only by practicing and repeating the use of this tool, you will be able to gain enough skill and mastery in using this part, so to gain enough skill. Practice a lot in this part using this tool.

Now, after selecting your image in Photoshop software, refer to the Layers panel section, and in this section, click on the icon that contains the adjustment layer, so that the Level option can be selected in the menu displayed. The face makes this tool available to you. Of course, there is another way to access this layer and this tool, in which you can use any of the methods and finally to the Level panel. See.

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