Kali Linux

Kali Linux


Kali Linux

Kali Linux is one of the computer operating systems that has made it one of the most important and popular operating systems in its kind, despite a large number of very important capabilities. The main thing in this operating system is its open source feature, which despite this feature has caused different versions and types of it to be made, each of which is made for a specific purpose and available to people. And users are placed.

Introducing Kali Linux operating system

Kali Linux – In general, Kali operating systems, which are Linux operating systems, have been created for security and penetration testing purposes, and as the next version of Backtrack operating system, this operating system has not been updated. In fact, before Kali was created as one of the intrusion and security testing operating systems, they used the Backtrack operating system for this purpose, and security experts used this operating system to perform their tests. The operating system can be considered in this case, using the different tools that are in it, it can be used for testing and hacking, as well as other crimes that occur digitally.

In other words, it can be said that this operating system is the best operating system that is legally a hacker, but users and individuals should note that this distribution of the operating system is not used only for hacking. Other people who are even hackers They can use this operating system and the tools in it to check their web servers and web pages. It is an important feature that exists for this operating system and all the tools in it. It is free to know that it provides all the tools available to the people and users who use it for free.

Kali Linux

Kali operating system with about 600 software and tools to hack and infiltrate has caused other people who have created different types of it only tools that are efficient and useful in this Provide their systems and then make it available to their users. All the different tools that exist in this operating system have a lot of power, each of which has its own unique features. In fact, despite these tools, it has caused the power of this operating system to be very high, and all people who work in the field of power and security should also use this operating system. This is the power of this operating system. It is considered as one of the important tools and operating systems for hackers who use it extensively and thus easily penetrate other systems by using this operating system.

Kali Linux – Kali operating system is designed and developed on the basis of Debian operating system and has been developed in different versions for users, different versions of which can be found in different categories from professional to lite versions. The important thing about this operating system is that they have made different versions of themselves for mobile phones and even a version of it for Flash, which is dedicated only to it. Therefore, there are different versions of this operating system for users, which according to They can use any type of version for their applications.

Among the features that exist in this operating system and has caused it to become one of the positive and significant points for people to choose it, we can mention the Open Source feature, which is provided to users in this way. One of the reasons for presenting it in this way can be considered in gaining the trust of people and users, which makes people aware of the level of security and accuracy in it, and then proceed to use it. However, we do not recommend the use of this operating system for users as one of the main operating systems, and only as an auxiliary operating system can be used for penetration testing and identification of vulnerabilities. Are used.

Kali Linux

Important features of the Kali operating system:

Kali Linux  –  Using this operating system, you can easily increase the security of your networks to a great extent, because this operating system is designed for penetration and is also for it. And it can easily remove bugs and Find other security holes that have been created in people’s networks or sites and then try to fix them. Another feature that exists in this operating system includes the ability to customize it for It is the people who use this very important feature to allow people to change other features and capabilities that exist in this operating system to their liking.

Another important feature of this operating system is its different designs in different languages, which in fact is one of the main reasons why this operating system is designed in different languages ​​is its reputation among users. And by gaining a lot of fans, they have designed it in different languages. Therefore, it can be said that this operating system supports several different languages ​​and can be used for its own purposes to advance its goals. Another feature in this operating system

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