Introduction to CMD

Introduction to CMD


Introduction to CMD

Introduction to CMD – Familiarity with CMD is one of the most important things that if you, like other people, are the first to get acquainted with this word and have heard it, you can learn and learn from it by studying this The article gained this awareness.In general, cmd, also known as cmd.exe, stands for Command Prompt. It is a very important tool in Windows for people and users who can use it to make the necessary changes to the Windows environment.

In fact, cmds are a Mac command program that we work with in this program by writing commands and it is used in special and necessary cases for people and it can be used.To define and express cmd, you should note that the user interface in different operating systems is in two forms, including the command line user interface, which is also called command, and also the graphical user interface.It should be said that in the old operating systems and in the past, Ms-dos operating systems were used in computers, whose user interface was of the command line type or the same as CLI, but today and in operating systems, two The type of user interface is used, which includes both of the said user interfaces.

One of the features that is present in the graphical user interface and caused it to be used by default on computers. When using the graphical user interface, users and people can use all the programs and parts using the icons that are self-defined.Due to this feature, its user interface made it very easy and simple for users to use and to be placed in operating systems by default. The command line interface is marginalized and use is not a priority.But to express CMDs, it should be said that CMDs are a program in which most of the tasks and functions of MS-DOS are accommodated, and this has led to a kind of user interface for Know Windows operating systems.

Introduction to CMD

One of the features of this program is that it is a text environment in which instructions must be entered in text, and by entering the same commands in text, all access to a Windows graphical environment can be accessed.Other commands are less pronounced in these programs depending on the type of commands are defined inside the program or even outside the program to express commands that are defined outside the program environment in the sense that it includes programs that in this program The environments are implemented and also managed in this environment.cmd, which is one of the most important features that Microsoft, by adding this feature to itself, made its operating system a more beautiful and easier environment for users and individuals to achieve better access.CMDs should be introduced as a command-line environment that all people can easily use when entering commands when needed.

In fact, when people turn on their systems and use the various parts that they see in their computer and include other icons in the computer that you do your work.And by selecting any of the icons of different parts, you will be transferred to the next part, and in these parts, you can easily do your work according to the type of function of the relevant part, without coding or Do special programming, they can be used.Considering these features, it should be said that in older systems, these features and actions did not exist, and people could use different parts when turning on their systems using coding.

Therefore, in this section, it should be said that the user interfaces in the old operating system were in the form of text that people themselves had to enter instructions into the system and then they could use it.But in today’s systems, both are used, the graphical interface or the same feature as mentioned in the first part is on the operating system by default, and how to work with it is very convenient and simple.In Windows, which is provided for systems today, the text user interface that can be used to enter your commands and use it when needed is using software called Command Prompt, and in them Is placed.

Of course, these commands are properly named, which include external commands as well as internal commands.

Reasons to use cmd as well as familiarity with CMD

If you are familiar with cmds by this part of the article, then users and people will face a big question, which includes this section, what are the reasons for using cmds and why you should get acquainted with it, and from Used them?To answer this question, you should pay attention to this part of the article. In this part, we have explained the reasons for using this environment to users and they can get acquainted with them, and the main reason in this part is that Many times people encounter Windows problems that they can not boot their Windows or turn on Safe.At this time and in these cases when you encounter such problems, you should open your cmd in the environment before Windows. Then in this part, connect your flash to your system and copy and transfer your other information inside it. Then change your windows.

Another thing that can be done using cmds is for cases where you have forgotten your system password and can not open it, so using zaz cmds can ping the IPs connected to View the network and MAC addresses of different devices.One of the main reasons for using this feature and text user interface is when doing other things in the graphical user interface in your Windows has a lot of volume that at this time people can use Use a text user interface to optimize these things.

Of course, in order to use it, it can be introduced in the following sections, which in fact can be said that one of the reasons for using and getting acquainted with cmds includes the items mentioned below, and Using them and being familiar with them makes people know that when necessary, they should use this program and text user interface to solve problems in their systems and fix it.One of the actions that people can do with cmds is when they want to open other Windows programs using instructions and other parameters.

Another reason and advantage of using cmds is that it makes people’s systems and computers less exposed to the risks of viruses, and thus can make your system more Terry took care.Other reasons and benefits of using cmds can be stated in the following: By using this user interface, it will cause the system hardware conflict to be much less, and thus reduce the system conflict.Another advantage that can be expressed for this user environment is its text, which speeds up the affairs of individuals and users when using it.In fact, in the past, due to this box, only the text user interface was used in operating systems. And the problems are fixed and people can easily use their operating systems.

Introduction to CMD

Of course, including features

Introduction to CMD – One of the important aspects of Windows that was mentioned in the previous sections is that today, considering that it has designed its operating systems with a graphical user interface, but its text user interface capability is called Command Prompt in Windows. And people who use their systems much more extensively and advanced can use them when needed by visiting this section.This way, they can use it using this user interface. Of course, there are other reasons for using cmds, one of the most important of which is for cases when the Windows operating system does not boot people.

In fact, when Windows crashes, they can copy the information in the system using the cmd environment to flash or any other peripheral device that can copy their information to it, and after copying the information, take action. They change their windows.How to run the command line on Windows and Linux operating systems, which are similar and are usually called Command Prompt, is that you have to go to the Start menu in your Windows and then in this section you have to Select the All Programs option on your page.

After this action, in the page leading to it, you will see a folder in which you have to select the Accessories folder, and then select the Command Prompt program, which is located in the desired folder, and the program Execute the desired.

Now in this section, which is the same for Windows and Linux operating systems, you can do other tasks and computer affairs by entering instructions.Therefore, according to the items mentioned in this section, people can easily use cmd and related actions to do other things in this environment, and if you are fully familiar with it, you can at the time of update Problems in their operating systems Use it to fix the problem and the problem.Note that in order to use this environment more widely, you will get the necessary training with other articles that have been placed on the site. Then try to use this user interface and environment, because in this section, we only introduced you to this user interface with the items mentioned.

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