Introducing the Excel environment

Introducing the Excel environment


Introducing the Excel environment

Introducing the Excel environment, in order to be able to work with this software and use it in different sections and parts for yourself, it is better to first get acquainted with the different options and sections that exist in this environment, as well as With this familiarity, you can be informed of its applications and use this environment with more awareness.Note that the Excel environment has different sections and options, and in order to be able to easily work with this software, you must be fully familiar with all of these options.

Introducing the Excel environment and getting acquainted with its various parts

Excel software is one of the Office suite software, which is also a product of Microsoft, and is introduced as one of the software in the category of office software.The use of this software in performing mathematical calculations along with drawing diagrams through other graphic tools, which due to the great ability of this software that performs mathematical calculations without error and with the highest speed has caused To be used specifically for the latest accounting and math information.Now, for information about the different sections and options available in this software, follow us to introduce all of them to you.

Introducing the Excel environment

Microsoft office button option

The first part that can be introduced in Excel and its icon is on the left and top of the Excel document, and in newer versions of Excel this option has been replaced with the file menu, including the option and the Microsoft office button icon.

Clicking on this option will cause you to see a small window in which different options and sections can be selected and to create a new document in this section must be selected.

Also, if you want to put the necessary edits on the document that you have created before, you should also refer to this section, and according to the different sections in this section, we can say that the main commands for managing files You can access them from here.

Access toolbar section

Introducing the Excel environment – The next section that we introduce to you in this section and is placed next to the option of the previous section and is the highest part of the Excel environment also includes this section, which is also called the quick access toolbar.

The most important feature of this section is that no matter which tab you choose, it always has its options for you and is visible and accessible, and next to it there is a blue arrow that It has three options.By default, the tools in this section include the save and cancel operation buttons as well as data recovery, and according to the arrows in this section, you can click on any of these items. Test on your file.

At the end of this section, there is a small arrow that by clicking on it, you can customize this bar for yourself, which means that in this section, due to the fact that some tools in Excel software have a lot of use. And while using this software, the user uses them a lot.

It has caused you to add your favorite tool to this section by clicking on the blue arrow in this section, so that from now on, when using this tool, you can easily and simply select it immediately by referring to this section.

Tab section

One of the most important parts of Excel software that can be introduced is this part, and in general, in any software that you enter and want to use, there is a main menu in which the topics in the software The desired are placed in a categorized manner.

Refer to any desired section according to the category of that section and you can click on it with the type of function and application that exists in that section and is defined for this option so that you can use it or other sections. He also observed the inserted option.

Introducing the Excel environment

Sections related to each tab

The other section that we introduce to you users in this section includes this section, which is placed under the tab section and the options mentioned in the previous section, which means that when you are in the tab section, one of the options and categories Select its sections The desired section has subsections and other options.

In this section, it shows you all the settings of its options, and this section generally has different sections for each of the options and categories of the tab section, and they are not the same.

If you select the category and the home tab, it will show the sections and options related to this category, and if you click on the insert tab, it will also display the topics related to that option, and In general, by selecting each tab, it displays the features and capabilities specific to that tab for you.

Formula bar

Introducing the Excel environment – The next part that we introduce to you in this section includes the formula bar, which is placed under the options of the previous part, which means that by selecting each tab, a menu below it will be displayed for all the settings of its options. Put another bar, which is a white bar, under the previous menu, called the formula bar.

This bar and its application is for entering or viewing formulas and cell contents

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