install Windows 8

Install Windows 8


Install Windows 8

Install Windows 8 and 8.1, which are not different from the installation method, and using the steps discussed in this tutorial, you can install the desired Windows.But the difference between Windows 8 and 8.1 is that when Microsoft released its latest version of Windows to the public, called Windows 8, it was met with very little response from users, and the main reason It was because of the new environment of Windows that it had removed the Start button.

Therefore, due to the fact that people refused to install it, Microsoft also frequently sought to update its version of Windows in order to make itself more attractive to users, but still a small number of people. It was welcomed, and eventually Microsoft, in a new function, built and introduced Windows, which was very different from the Windows 8 model, and introduced it to people under the name Windows 8.1.Similarly, with the introduction of this type of Windows, it was met with a great response from users and many people tried to install it on their systems. But it should also be noted that it has not been as well received as Windows 7.Therefore, pay attention to how to install and install this Windows, which we have taught in this article, and use these tutorials to install your Windows.

Windows 8 and 8.1 installation steps

Before we teach you how to install this Windows, you should first pay attention to the features and items that are required to install Windows, and then, if you have these options, install the Windows you want.Note that to install Windows 8 or 8.1, your system must have one gigabyte of RAM for 32-bit versions, as well as 2 gigabytes of RAM for 64-bit versions, and your system is the processor. Must be one GHz or more and the system hard disk space must be 16 GB for 32-bit versions and 20 GB for 64-bit versions.

And the last thing you need to install this Windows for systems is to support Direct X 9 graphics or higher, and if you have all these options, you must install your Windows.Now, according to all the cases mentioned above, you must first insert the CD or DVD of your desired Windows, which is Windows 8 or 8.1, into your system driver, and then restart your system and go to Wait for your system to boot, in which case you will see a black screen display that you should not take any action at this time.

How to boot is also important in this section, and before installing Windows by booting it, you can only pay attention to the continuation of the payment process, which is how to boot in different systems, and each is booted in a different way. If the Windows you want to install is on flash or CD / DVD, you must enter it into your system and then restart the system.At this time, you have to hit the f2 key on the keyboard once or twice and select it to be transferred to the BIOS screen, which is different for different systems in this area. Some of them have to restart their system and select del to enter the Baghius page.

And if you do not do this, you will be logged directly to your previous system. Now, if you want to install your new Windows on the system from CD / DVD, after transferring it to the BIOS page, you must set and determine that your Windows installation is via CD / DVD, and if In this section, you must select the Removable disk option or the name of your flash drive.The important point is that in some systems, you are redirected directly to the previous Windows of the system and the black screen mentioned in the previous section will not be displayed for you, in which case it will be on your previous Windows screen. In this section, you must specify your boot settings and set the first boot to CD / DVD Rom and the second boot to Hard Disk.

Install Windows 8

Now, after the above steps, you have entered the first step of installing your Windows, in which the language settings are displayed for you. Options include Language to Install for the Windows installation language and the next Time and Currency Format option for the system time and format, as well as the next Keyboard or Input Method option for selecting the keyboard language, which can be selected here. But it is better to keep the default settings of this part the same.In this step, select the Next option to be transferred to the next page, and in this section, you must select Install Now to install your Windows. In the continuation of the page that is displayed, the installer will ask you for its serial code for Windows, which is the code for Windows that is provided by its issuing companies, such as the ID number. This field must be entered and then select Next in this field.

On the next page, you will see that a series of contents have not been given to you, which is from Microsoft’s rule for installing Windows, which it is recommended to read all of them, and then after reading all of them, check the option. Activate I accept the license terms to confirm all the rules of this company and then select the Next option to continue the Windows installation process.

In the next part, which is the most important part of installing Windows for people, read this part with full attention and then select it. There are two options on this page and they include Upgrade and Custom, which you should pay attention to in order to get acquainted with these options.

install Windows 8

If you select the first option, all the information and programs of your system will remain and none of them will be deleted, and it will start Windows by updating your system. Note that this option works when you are updating Windows that has an older version installed on your system, for example if Windows 8 is installed on your system and you want it Update to Windows 8.1 This option is used at this time.The second option is for when you want to install a new Windows on your system, if you select it, all your information on the system will be deleted, and if you select it, you can create your own partitions or Edit or delete them.

So in this section, if you have installed a new Windows, you must select the second option and then create and select your own drives or partitions. Finally, after selecting the partition or deleting or editing and creating a partition, you must select the installation location of Windows in the partitions and then select the Next option to continue the installation process.Finally, after the steps mentioned above, your Windows installation will be done in this step, which depending on the type of hardware of your system, usually takes 10 to 30 minutes to continue the steps. You can get to your lessons by the end of this step and then continue when this step is done.

Note that at this stage your system will restart and when the system screen is completely black, do not select any key from your keyboard and it is possible that you will have problems with the Windows installation process. And have to do the installation steps again.At this point, after finding it, you will see that the Windows 8 or 8.1 logo will be displayed for you, which also takes 5 to 7 minutes to load, and then your system will restart again. It starts and note that in none of these steps should you take any action and the system automatically takes action.Finally, after restarting the system and booting up the system again, a page will be displayed for you, in which you can select the background color of your page according to the color canvas that exists in the Pick section. a Color This can be done and then in the next part of Mecca you can choose a username for your system, including the PC Name field.

Install Windows 8

After entering a username for your system, you must click on the Next option to continue the steps and actions on the next page.

Now in the new page, you have to create an account for your installed Windows and create it. In the Username field, you have to enter your username, which can be a real name or a nickname, and make sure that The name entered in this section should be different from the name you entered in the previous steps and the garden should not be the same.And then in the Password section, you will encounter a password when you turn on your system, and the next section is to re-enter the password, which includes the Reenter Password.Finally, in the last option, which includes Password Hint, you can enter another phrase or password, which if you forget your password, you can refer to it and turn on your system. Finally, by selecting the Finish option, all Complete the installation process Using these steps, your system and Windows are installed.

Therefore, by using the tutorials provided in this section for friends and people, you can easily install this Windows anywhere, without the need for an individual, and by reading this article. The only thing you need to pay attention to is that installing Windows is quite simple and easy and everyone can do it easily. But provided that you read all the articles in this section on how to install Windows 8 and 8.1 and then proceed to install it. If you install it just by reading a part of it, it is possible that you do not install your Windows properly or delete all your information from your system with incorrect actions, in which case you will cause irreparable damage to You create yourself.Another point that was mentioned at the beginning was that installing Windows 8 with 8.1 is no different. By reading this article, you can install any of them and pay all the steps as stated in this article and mentioned them and use them.

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